Are you a New Mom? Here are Health Care Tips for Your Baby (and You)

When a baby is born, a mother is also born with him. Being a mom is a challenging, yet a beautiful journey. And, motherhood is a never-ending test of patience. There are days when your baby is in a good mood. And, then there are days when your baby is cranky without any reason in particular. There is no formula to make your baby happy and assess his needs instantly, as every baby behaves and reacts in a different manner. Simply put, if one thing works for a baby, it might not work on another.

Every mom wants her baby to be happy and healthy. Baby’s health is the core area of concern for all the new moms. If you also are a new mom, it is instinctive of you to be over-protective for your baby. If you are one of those new moms who constantly worry about the health of her baby, stop worrying right now. Worrying is not going to help at all. It will just stress you out and distract you from fulfilling your responsibilities efficiently.

In this article, we will talk about baby health care tips so that your baby remains healthy and happy all the time.  

There will be times when you will have to dance to the tunes of your baby because you won’t have any other option. Your baby’s smiling face will make it worthwhile. To ensure the overall well-being of your baby, buy medical insurance plan for him/her. Some insurance companies also extend maternity insurance coverage (if opted) to the infant.

Let’s jump back to the point.

Does your baby have jaundice?

It is quiet common in newborn babies to have jaundice. If case your li’l one’s skin and eyes appear yellow, he/she is most likely to be suffering from jaundice. Since the baby’s liver is maturing, his/her body might not be able to get rid of Bilirubin.

This triggers skin and eyes problems. As a result, skin and eyes turn yellow. In a few weeks, this gets better and it is advisable to consult your baby’s pediatrician to be sure. Here are a few causes of jaundice.

  1. Liver problem
  2. Infection
  3. Premature birth
  4. Enzyme deficiency
  5. Babies not getting enough breast milk

Phototherapy is the basic treatment of jaundice in newborns. For phototherapy, your baby is placed under a blue spectrum light on a special bed wearing his/her diaper and special eye-gear to prohibit the blue rays from entering his/her eyes. After a specific time period, the doctor might test the bilirubin levels to make sure it’s reducing. Meanwhile, you should continue to feed your baby, as proper nutrition will be helpful for faster recovery.

What to do when your baby feels warm?

Each time your baby feels warm, he/she might or might not have fever. It is totally normal for newborn babies to have a body temperature up to 100.4 degree F. However, if your baby feels warm and have cold/cough, consult a child specialist immediately. Fever also indicates some undiagnosed or untreated infection(s).

Make sure to keep him/her hydrated so that his/her body gets rid of the toxins ASAP.

How to find out when your baby is constipated?

Newborns and infants have a tendency to pass stool frequently in a day. It becomes less frequent gradually and comes down to once a day or once in 2 – 3 days. In some babies, it signifies constipation while in others, it is absolutely fine. However, when he/she passes stool, check if it is soft and that he/she isn’t trying hard to pass it. If she’s trying hard to pass it, seek medical intervention proactively.

What to do when diaper rash making your baby cranky?

A diaper rash is yet another problem for babies. It is caused by bacterial infection, yeast infection, and wearing a wet diaper for long. Mild diaper rashes can be treated very easily at home. Here are some tips that will be helpful for you.

  1. Every time you change the diaper, make sure you wash your hands before and after.
  2. Maintain a good hygiene for your baby clean. Change the diaper on a frequent basis and wipe the area with normal water.
  3. Do not rub the affected area. Gently pat and clean, and let it dry.
  4. In case you use baby wipes, make sure to use the mild ones specifically. If you use the scented ones, ditch them immediately.
  5. It is advised to use soft cloth to clean him/her after she has passed stool.

If the rash is severe, consult a child specialist and seek medical intervention.

Motherhood is a challenging job in itself, (as we mentioned earlier), it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look after yourself. Your health is equally important as your baby’s. If you are fit and fine, only then you will be able to look after your baby.

Healthcare Tips for Moms

Words can’t express the feeling of joy and happiness a woman gets when she holds her baby in her arms for the first time. All mothers can relate to this.

Most women tend to ignore their health to cope up with the never-ending demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. For mothers, watching their baby grow up is indeed a great feeling. They get so involved fulfilling their baby’s needs that they forget to take care of their own health.

Here are a few healthcare tips that will keep all such mothers healthy and happy.  

  • Follow a healthy diet

Go for a nutritious diet plan, which includes lots of fruits and veggies enriched in essential vitamins, fibers, minerals, etc. for good health. Opt for whole-grains and protein-rich foods, such as fish. You should cut down on high calorific value foods.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sound sleep is a crucial aspect of fitness that should be given due importance among all age groups. Sleep deprivation leads to many chronic diseases, such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. In order to enjoy a good state of health, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

  • Move your Body

It’s recommended to include some form of physical regime on a regular basis. It will help you maintain your weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

  • Stress Management

Being a new mother, for some women, can be emotionally wrecking. When you take too much stress, it affects your ability to fulfill your responsibilities and often lands you in the state of depression. Take some time out regularly and do what helps you to burst your stress.

If required, consult mental health professionals or a psychiatrist.

  • Take care of your Bone Health

Strengthen your bones by fulfilling your daily calcium requirement by drinking milk, eating yoghurt or popping a tab. The bone density begins to deteriorate after you reach the age of 30. The recommended calcium intake per day is 200 milligrams.

Parting Words

When you are happy, only then you can keep people around you happy. Your baby needs your support for his/her initial stages of life. From time to time, you should pamper yourself because you deserve it. Take time out for things that help you to de-clutter your mind.