Avoid Hair Loss with Biotin

If you have ever had a problem with hair loss or thinning of your hair, then you should consider adding biotin to your routine.  Biotin is critical for healthy hair and an important nutrient for skin and nails.

Biotin is an important nutrient that can be taken as a supplement or found naturally in countless foods. Amongst the best sources of biotin, when it comes to natural foods are tomatoes, soybeans, carrots, liver, peanuts, cucumber, cauliflower, almonds, cabbage, and onions.

Other sources include milk products from grass fed dairy animals like cows and goats. Strawberries, oats, eggs, and halibut are other good natural food options. In today’s fast paced world, the vast majority of people do not get enough biotin through diet alone.

Out of all the biotin benefits on human body, the hair probably benefits the most. Lack of biotin is what causes problems like hair loss.  Getting an adequate intake of biotin is crucial for healthy hair. Biotin deficiencies are very common in many western societies.

Adding biotin infused hair products to your routine can definitely lead to a better head of hair. Biotin based hair products can help anyone to have a healthier and fuller head of hair. A good quality biotin hair product will help to develop thicker hair while also making it look good. Many individuals who are thinking about taking biotin hair products or vitamins have a lot of questions about the pros and cons of adding extra biotin to their routine.

Baldness can be an issue for both men and women. Male pattern baldness or receding hairlines can be accelerated in part due to lack of biotin. Various hair loss products nowadays utilize biotin in their list of ingredients as it has only positive effects that lead to healthy hair.

In addition to adding biotin to your routine—you should also make sure you are not sabotaging your progress by accidentally blocking its absorption.  Consuming raw egg whites can induce or exacerbate biotin deficiency.  Raw eggs whites can actually bind to biotin and prevent its proper absorption.

Deficiency or low levels biotin could also mean that the balance of bacteria in the individuals’ intestinal tract may have been damaged or destroyed in some way. This is rare because biotin can be produced in the intestines, and is found in many foods. While deficiency of biotin can cause hair loss, it can also cause skin dryness and brittle nails.

Biotin hair products and supplementation can lead to a fuller and more healthy head of hair. About 5mg (5000mcg) a day is viewed as an ideal amount of biotin- where 10,000 mcg is the maximum recommended dosage in biotin supplements.  There is no upper limit for biotin but beyond 10,000 mcg is probably excessive.

The amount of biotin included in biotin care products can vary quite a bit. Out of the various hair care products, a biotin infused shampoo is one good way to get extra biotin—as it is absorbed directly into the hair.  Biotin taken as a dietary supplements is another good option that can help to restore depleted biotin levels in the body.

Another more difficult method of maintaining a good level of biotin in your body is to include the biotin rich food items mentioned above in your diet. Cutting down too much on dairy and cutting out too many healthy fats can also lead to biotin deficiencies.

Biotin is important to keep our cells healthy therefore which ultimately keep our bodies healthy. This is why people losing hair need biotin based supplements. Very few side effects have been connected with biotin.  Biotin is also often put in prenatal vitamins to prevent birth defects. With these amazing features of biotin, it is time that you should include it in your diet too.

Photo by roger_mommaerts