Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Tracking baby’s development during pregnancy can be most interesting as you take part in the growth week after week until the baby is ready to be born. The 11th week is a significant week in this growth and you are about to enter into the second trimester of the pregnancy believed to be much more of a relief as compared to the first trimester.

During this week, the baby has grown quite big and can fit into your palm. The baby measures almost 2 inches and is weighing around a quarter of an ounce. This might look minute but it is a great development from the previous weeks. The skin is still quite transparent in that you can see through during an ultrasound but this is something that will end soon as other skin layers form on your baby’s body.

The baby at 11 weeks pregnant has eventually separated the fingers and toes and this means that the interesting webbing is now over and you can actually see the fingers and toes. It is amazing to know that the baby manages to clench a fist and open it. The ears will develop fully during this week. In the few coming weeks the developments of the baby will take a drastic spurt and he or she will almost double in size.

The head still looks way too big for the body during this week but it is absolutely normal and soon the rest of the body will catch up thus the baby will be looking more proportional. The heart is beating and begun beating several weeks ago since this is usually among the first organs to grow and develop. During this week the rate is still high and the tiny heart is beating 168 beats every single minute.

Other parts which are developed during this week include the diaphragm and soon the baby will start hiccupping and making breathing movements. The hiccups are however impossible to feel so you have nothing to worry about and it is completely normal. Even with such developments, it is still early to feel any movements until much later into the second trimester. You can however be sure that the baby is quite active during this week.

The neck has lengthened and you can see that the baby has taken a complete human form away from the initial tadpole look that can be scary for many. With a rather steady neck, he or she is able to nod and shake the head although it is yet to have control over these occurrences. The genitals are forming and even though it is still quite early to tell the sex of the baby, in a few weeks to come you will have the chance to have this revealed to you through an ultrasound since the genitals would have fully developed.

Your baby at 11 weeks pregnant is indeed a sight to behold and you will manage to see most of the body parts and organs which are already in place but going through further development.

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