Beauty Tips To Unleash Your Inner Bombshell

Who doesn’t love the va va voom look of classic bombshells like Marilyn Monroe? Every woman has the capacity to take over any room she walks into, using her sex appeal alone. Here are some great tips on how to embrace your inner bombshell.

Fake it Till You Make It

One important element of a true bombshell look is long flirty eyelashes. Don’t have lashes that wow? Don’t worry about it! There are plenty of wonderfully effective ways to achieve lashes that wow. Many new mascara formulas contain elements that actually add on lashes to the ones you already have.

Check out Dior’s latest offering, a mascara called Extase. You can also try experimenting with false lashes on evenings when you need an extra touch. Individual false lashes are very easy to apply and give a very natural and sultry look.

Don’t Shy Away From Liquid Liner

Liquid liner offers a bold and dramatic look that is unique and very glamorous. Many of us are fearful about using liquid liner, though, because it is a little more difficult to apply and can be much less forgiving than its pencil counterpart. Find a liner you like and practice at home a few times until you are confident enough to rock it outside of the house.

Find the Right Shade of Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is almost as iconic as the notion of a bombshell itself. The great thing about red lipstick is that it’s feminine and bold at the same time that it is classic. Almost anyone can pull off a red lip – the secret lies in finding the right hue for your skin tone.

If you have olive skin, stay away from reds with orange in them, and fairer complexions should stay away from blue reds. When you’ve found the right shade, consider using an “invisible liner” which acts as a clear barrier on the outside edge of your lips and will prevent smudges and feathering without having to be exactly the right color.

Try Wearing Different Types of Hosiery

Show off those bombshell legs by stepping into hosiery that allows you to express yourself! Hosiery is an often forgotten and very fun way to truly look and feel like a total bombshell.

Fabrics like fishnets are very sultry and can play nicely with a more demure or classic dress. Lace tights are feminine and playful and can be paired with a solid dress for a look that is old Hollywood ready.

Create Contour With Highlighter

Make sure you’re playing up all that your starlett face has to offer by using highlighter and bronzer to create contour. Accentuate your cheekbones with the darker color (bronzer, or if your prefer, stain), and then use the highlighter under your eyes and across the ridge of your nose to give your skin a glamorous and fresh glow.

If you are indeed wearing a red lip, make sure that the bronzer or stain you are working with is complementary. You may also want to go with a classic rouge.

Teresa Thomas writes about beauty and style but specializes in blogging about tanning salons at Hollywood Tans.