Best Practices of Using Kratom for Weight Loss

Primarily, Kratom is an herbal plant which grows in the South East countries of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The natives of these countries used it for pain relief and recreational purposes. It remained unknown to the western and rest of the world until a few years ago. There have been much research works on Kratom which goes beyond pain healing element.


Now, the potential of Kratom for weight loss is known to most of the people who are into weight-loss programs and muscle building training. In this article, WE will give you the complete ingredients and how they work to burn fat, shed weight, and streamline the processes of cardiovascular and metabolic activities for wholesome health and fitness.

Who Can Use Kratom

You can use Kratom if you are an adult with obesity problems. You might have tried several methods and medications of shedding unhealthy weight within a short time. They may have worked to give you instant results also. But your obesity seems to make a comeback after a few weeks or months.  You have always wondered and worried about what is wrong.

Fat Concentrations

Chest, butts, thighs, abdomen, and hips are the most concentrated zones of fat accumulation. The conventional methods of using the medications and treatments can reduce the fats temporarily to a certain extent. What you need is a supplement which can reach the roots of fat and burn them.

What is Kratom Made of

The key ingredients of Kratom are alkaloids. There are about 40 of them. The key components are stated to be Mitragynine, paynantheine, Hydroxy-Mitragynine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine.  Don’t worry about the Greek names. We will tell you about each component and its benefits for weight loss.



The obesity you have accumulated in your body could be due to overeating, unhealthy fat foods, hormone disorder, or any other reason. The first step to weight loss is the blocking of unhealthy eating practices. But it is not easy, because of the brain and body addiction.

Mitragynine can eliminate the craving by interacting with elements called dopamine receptors in the brain. The ingredient suppresses the craving for overeating and fatty food consumption.


Paynantheine is an ingredient which interacts directly with the adipose cells in your body. What are they? The cells that contain healthy fat and cholesterol required for o=your body are called Adipose. They are healthy as long as the volume is within limits. They offer you protection from cold, heat, and other external elements. They also provide strength and stamina. When in excess, they make you obese.  

Paynantheine can extract excess and unhealthy fat from the adipose cells. When the fat enters the bloodstream, it gets converted into fatty acids. There are many types of them called saturated, unsaturated, mono-saturated, and poly saturated, etc. Paynantheine breaks them into these types. Blood carries them to the muscles, joints, liver, intestine, and other internal organs.


Hydroxy-Mitragynine is the element which initiates the fatty-acid burning process. The converted energy will be stored in the muscles and internal organs in the form of calories. The process of muscle and body leaning has already started. But they need to be strengthened and stabilized into lean and strong muscle mass.


Speciogynine is the ingredient, which can convert the calories into useful muscle mass. For this, you need to perform physical workouts. You may start with gentle paced walking and move onto sprint walking. You may also try using the treadmill or the elliptical machine. The process of energy conversion can build your muscles into a lean and strong form.


Speciociliatine is the ingredient, which promotes healthy metabolism, bowel movement, and waste elimination. You need to drink plenty of water to ease the process and prevent constipation. You may also eat plenty of watery fruits like watermelon. They keep your muscles and body hydrated. Speciociliatine works better to digest the foods and convert into proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

How fast does Kratom Work

The speed depends on your health conditions, Body Mass Index, and the lifestyle. You need to check with your physician, before starting with the consumption. Make sure your body is not allergic to any of the ingredients. Also if you want to buy any kratom related product online, it is better to get them from trusted sources like kratom crazy.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Interacts with the dopamine and opioid receptors
  • Naturally burns fat to fatty acids
  • Converts fatty acids into energy
  • Promotes lean and heavy muscle mass development
  • Boosts metabolism and cardiovascular activities
  • Irreversible fat burning process (no regaining of obesity and fat)


  • May not be suitable if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • May cause nausea if you have problems like blood pressure

Kratom may work faster because of its ability to interact with the opioid receptors. The reaction time is faster than conventional weight loss medications. There are no visible side-effects (unless the case of allergic conditions).  

Kratom for Weight Loss

Kratom works for weight loss in several stages. At each stage, you may experience the effects of leaning, energizing, and muscle development. You can get the best effects by following the following schedule.

  • Plan and follow a healthy diet program (ask your physician or dietician)
  • Plan and follow a physical workout program (ask your gym trainer)
  • Follow the Kratom consumption prescription (as on the product label or physician’s advice)

You will be able to experience the best benefits within a short span if you follow the program in a disciplined manner.