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Best Yoga Pose for Stress Relief

Yoga is a world-renowned practice that has helped so many individuals with stress relief. By working on a few positions that help with posture and other mechanisms, relaxation is bound to happen. Zen experts like Helen Lee Schifter practice yoga and mediation as a form of stress relief and to increase peace in their minds. 

Maybe have misconceptions about yoga practices. They believe that in order to be successful at it, one must learn how to twist like a pretzel. Essentially, the practice was created to balance the mind and body. There are expert level positions, like a headstand, but that takes years of practice. A simple beginner pose is to put both hands and feet on the ground. Arch the spine almost like a cat would if one was to pet it. Then, slowly, stretch the legs out downward and curl the head, shoulders, and back towards the ceiling. Breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga. Balanced inhales and exhales will improve concentration and stability. If the balance is something difficult to overcome, close the eyes, and imagine a straight line. The body will adjust accordingly. There are hundreds of poses that help relax and bring forth wellness. Pinterest is a great outlet, as well as YouTube. Helen Lee Schifter participates in-person classes, which is also recommended for beginners.