Blogging for Fitness Accountability

The holidays ended and many of us renewed our commitment to health and fitness. Before we did, we drank a few more eggnogs, ate a few extra slices of pie and dined out or on the run as we shopped and juggled our busy lives. We enter the new year with enthusiasm and energy, but this often fades or gets derailed.

It has been shown that people who keep a fitness diary get better results, but there is an even better way to hold yourself accountable and stay on track: blogging.

When you blog your daily results, you create a network of people and therefore hold yourself accountable to them as well as to yourself. And nowadays, finding a great domain name and creating a quality blog site is easy and inexpensive. Here are some good reasons to consider blogging your fitness path on your way to better results.


People are often numbers driven and a blog documents starting numbers and allows you to see progress. These numbers can include your weight and dimensions, distances ran, personal bests, times, weight lifted, reps, calories consumed and even shaming yourself with days off documented. This phenomenon is why people love wearable fitness trackers, like Fitbit.

When we see, in unambiguous numbers, how we are doing, we tend to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. And blogging about our numbers makes us vulnerable to the world. Therefore, it becomes more important to maintain efforts and show success.

Inspiring Stories

We are often inspired to make positive change when we hear of others’ success.  Telling success stories helps others and they, in turn, keep you on track. Watching shows like The Biggest Loser often fills people with inspiration and a desire to improve themselves.

If you blog about your fitness, you show the world that success can be achieved and can inspire others. Your weight loss or achievements become roadmaps for others who want to improve themselves but don’t know where to start, of feel like it can’t be done.

Creating A Support Network

By blogging, you can ask your audience for tips and advice when you run into the inevitable setbacks.  This creates engagement and helps other people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

This sense of belonging can help people stay motivated and positive. It also allows a broad range of people to share in the expertise of those who have shared their struggles and overcome them. It also creates the opportunity to tap into a broader knowledge, which can be helpful. As we progress, our bodies change and so do our needs. We are often unprepared for these changes.

By engaging with others we can learn how to blow past plateaus and understand what is happening so we don’t lose faith. Remember, one of our best abilities is our availability. If we show up, we eventually succeed.

Emotional Strength

Our minds are tricky and often will tell us we haven’t come as far as we have. We have these inner critics that dismiss our progress and undermine our successes. By blogging our progress, we have documentation of results that can silence the inner critic and keep us in the proper mindset. We can refer to our situations when we started and compare them.

This gives us a black and white testimony to our progress and helps silence our inner critic. Therefore the narrative that we are wasting our time can be easily silenced.

Doctor’s Visits

Our fitness is also closely linked to our health. When we blog about our fitness, we are better prepared to answer questions in the doctor’s office about our conditions and what we have been doing regarding our health and diets. This gives faster and more comprehensive insights into our conditions for our doctors to better diagnose anything that comes up.

We can better participate in our health by keeping track of our activities and making them available publicly. Your doctor might even become a frequent reader of your site. This could add to the expertise of the community and give you and additional leg up on your examinations.

If you are serious about your fitness, it is essential that you document your activities. And if you document your activities, why keep it to yourself? Especially with today’s technology making it so easy to share your path with the world on the internet. There are multiple benefits to documenting your fitness progress online via a blog. You not only improve your chances of success, you could also help and inspire others. And if they are helped and inspired, they could help and inspire others. As this continues to unfold, you could truly change the world.