Different People, Different Sheets

Health, it’s something everyone strives for, but something that is so varied that it can be hard to maintain. One aspect of health in particular, sleep, tends to be especially ignored. This comes in people’s caffeine habits, sleep habits, and even bedding habits. People who change their sheets more often get better sleep, but this is often ignored.

For example, only 14% of American couples wash their sheets once a week. While 73% of single American women wash their sheets weekly. Different priorities and positions in life build different habits. Looking at single men in America, 51% wash their sheets every 10 weeks or less. 

This is all without even looking at the different requirements for different bedding. While pillowcases and sheets should be washed weekly, blankets can be washed every few months. Duvet covers can even be washed every few weeks.  It’s not that one’s whole bed has to be thrown in the wash every week, just the sheets. 

As for why people have a hard time following this advice, there’s a few reasons. The most common of which is simply not believing the recommendation. 53% of Americans don’t believe it’s necessary to wash their sheets weekly. While other reasons like not knowing, showering, and a lack of extra bedding are common. Many simply do not care to change their sheets.

This is the interesting state of bedding health in America, a wide range of habits, a wide range of justifications. For anyone looking to improve their sleep though, the solution is clear. Find some quality bedding, and take care of it, it can only make going to bed at night more pleasant.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding
Source: PizunaLinens.com