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Cellulite: where it comes from and how to get rid of it

Cellulite is most visible on thighs, breast and belly.
Its intensity may vary. How it happens that the skin gets lumpy, wrinkled and

Cellulite is colloquially referred to as „orange peel”
because the affected skin becomes wrinkled and gets lumpy. It is very
unaesthetic, so there is no wonder that women do their best to avoid undesired
skin defects. Cellulite may be at various advancement stages – in some cases it
is even considered as sickness if accompanied by obesity and vivid look.  

How cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem which most women have to
deal with, especially those whose fat tissue accumulates in lower parts of the
body. Obesity is another issue that boosts emergence of cellulite. Unaesthetic
skin changes are directly related to uneven distribution of fatty tissue. Lumps
which cover the skin are nothing but extremely enlarged fat cells. They press
against blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which affects blood circulation
and metabolism. Apart from this, as a result of enlargement of fat cells, the
cells absorb less oxygen and nutrients from food. In effect the organism has
difficulties with removing toxins, which results in accumulation of harmful
substances and water in tissues. If the process is more advanced, the cellulite
spots may be swollen, which in turn leads to blood supply issues.

Causes of
cellulite emergence

Cellulite emerges as a result of insufficient amount
of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Think about how you spend your
evenings. If you lie in front of the TV for hours, try sometimes go for an hour
walk around the neighborhood. Another cause of cellulite is unsuitable diet,
rich in sugar and salt. The emergence of unfavorable skin changes is fostered
by wearing very tight clothes and frequent smoking. Abnormal curvature of the
spine and blood circulation issues may also contribute to emergence of
cellulite. What’s more, if your mother had a cellulite, it is possible that you
can also inherit it from her. That is why even very young girls, teenagers,
have cellulite. It’s a proof that genes are also important in this case.

Can you get rid
of cellulite?

Yes, but it is not easy. Much depends on progress of skin changes. The earlier you start preventing cellulite, the better results you can see. To counteract cellulite, it is important that you adopt the methods which let you remove water from tissues in your organism, improve blood circulation and replace fat with muscles. If the cellulite is not conspicuous, you don’t need to resort to drastic methods. All you have to do is find some time during the day for a regular and intensive physical activity. Also, you need to cut down on salt and sodium consumption – these ingredients contribute to accumulation of water in the organism. To see better results, it is advisable to use pharmacy products which remove surplus of water from tissues. Preparations intended to counteract cellulite, e.g. Cellinea prove to be highly effective as well.