Children’s Activity Levels Rise in the UK Due To New Playground Surface Wet Pour

Playground surface wet pour has become popular in the UK, and the activity level seems to be on the rise. To prevent injuries, surfacing has become a necessity in most playgrounds, and parents seem to be in favor of it. Anybody who is planning on creating a play area is now taking up the idea of surfacing in order to reduce any chances of accidents.

Surfacing flooring from  a specialist wet pour company is ideal when installed underneath play equipment and can be installed to meet any requirements. Most schools and nurseries have also adapted to it. Surfacing can be installed in different colors in order to look appealing to kids, and create an entertaining environment for them. Here are some benefits of wet pour surfacing.

Variable thickness levels

Surfacing must be professionally installed. However, you can choose how thick the surface needs to be, and the colors you would like combined. You can base the thickness level on the purpose of your surface and the equipments you will install there. This is very beneficial because you make a choice on all these details.

Ideal for uneven areas

Wet pour rubber surfacing can be installed on uneven surfaces. This means that it is not only suitable for flat playgrounds, but sloppy areas, and other uneven surfaces as well. It can actually be installed at a tree base, or any weird ground. It is designed to provide safety and covers any environment so that kids can be safe as they play.

It is customizable

This is a major benefit because you will get something that totally suits your needs. It’s available in numerous colors so that is not a problem. You can go with one color or decide to use a pattern to suit the environment. You get to choose the size, the thickness, and the shape of the wet pour. You get to design it in any way you prefer.

It is weather resistant

These surfaces are highly resistant to any kind of weather. Whether you experience a rough storm, a strong win, or how summer days, the surface will remain the same. You can still enjoy all your activities regardless of the weather conditions. One of the best things about it is that even when wet, this rubber surface does not get slippery.

It offers optimum safety for children, and even adults. It has a durable nature, which means that it will last a very long time after installation. There will be zero needs for reinforcements. The wet pour is damage proof and it will not get cracks from climate changes.


You can see why children have become so active in the UK. Safety is always a major concern, and that that it has been taken care of, children are having more fun. These surfaces are very encouraging, as kids feel compelled to go out and play instead of playing indoor games. Wet pour surfacing is versatile and can be installed in schools, water parks, gymnasiums, theme parks and any kind of playground.