“Clean Bulk” versus “Dirty Bulk” Diet during Steroid Cycle

If you are into bodybuilding or are about to start your journey into the world of heavy lifting and bulk mass on your arms, shoulders and thighs, then you are going to come across certain common terms such as,

  • Anabolic steroids,
  • Steroid cycle,
  • Clean bulking and
  • Dirty bulking.

It is important for you to understand what each of these terms mean and what they could mean for you. These terms are not simple words but processes which can and will alter your life in a significant manner. How you administer them will decide upon which turn your life is going to make.

How to ‘Build’ up Your Body

Clearly, you must have understood that in order to be a body builder or to build the body, you need exaggerated muscle mass in your body. You already have muscles in your body, but now you need to increase their mass and possibly enable the growth of more muscle tissues in your body.

It is very much possible to do it but how will you choose to do it is the real question. One of the common answers that you will have your peers relating to you is through the safe anabolic steroids which have now been legalized. The fact that they are anabolic simply confirms that they retain the ability to build up more tissue. It is possible to build several pounds of muscle flesh in 2 – 3 months with the steady and cyclic use of anabolic steroids.

What About Proper Diet for bulking up?

However, there is yet another factor to consider and that is maintaining a favourable diet which is going to enhance your efforts in building muscle mass. The adequate diet that you will take is supposed to speed up the process of building the heavy bulk or mass. Of course if you are thin and slim, you need to put some weight and mass inside which can then be shaped into the right bumps in the right places.

But as a proper body builder, you would not want to access the amount of fat storage; in fact fat will only be needed to fuel your body building or heavy weight lifting sessions. For the bulky shape you require more muscle matter in your body.

The Difference Between Clean Bulking and Dirty Bulking

The general misconception is that you eat more and you look fuller; correct but what areas do you want to full exactly? Unnecessary calories and calories that are obtained from junk are going to full up your abdomen, stomach and the region where your buttocks lie. This will be dirty bulking.

On the other hand, if you eat the right kind of proteins in the amount needed, supplemented by the good carbs to fuel your body and the right exercises, you will slowly and gradually bulk up in your arms and thighs; in other words where you need the bulk to be. This is clean bulking.

Controversy About Clean Bulking and Dirty Bulking

However, there has been a long on-going debate about the truth of the nature of the above stated sentences. From live examples of a typical sumo wrestler and body builders like Lee Priest, the above statements lose their truthfulness. This is because a sumo slammer is only indulging in empty calories to add more weight and cushioning in his body and is not consuming those calories.

And while the body builders cycle anabolic steroids following a healthy protein intake diet, they often do indulge in junk stuff, like burgers and fries; however the point that has to be noted from here is that they use these calories up and burn them off during the steroid cycle by heavy weight lifting sessions.


So, clean bulking is definitely the preferred way of doing things when you are keen on getting good muscle mass, however you can also speed up the process by gorging on things that you like but beware because the latter has got more fat content and is likely to store up in the wrong places if you don’t do anything about it.