Cloud and FOIP Tech in Healthcare Via Xmedius

XMedius is located in Montreal Canada and was founded in 1996. It has offices in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. They are a major global provider of premium-grade solutions for the secure exchange of documents, otherwise known as SDE (Secure Document Exchange). Their cloud and fax products enable organizations to safely and quickly exchange confidential and vital information of a medical and pharma nature.

XMedius transmits test results, prescriptions, and medical records on a daily basis with dozens of healthcare enterprises. Protected Health Information, otherwise known as PHI, is the constant target of medical hackers, and so the need to transmit such data safely and securely continue to grow.

Fax vulnerability

The fact of the matter is that a document sent to a fax machine in a crowded healthcare clinic is vulnerable to being taken by those who have no business having it. This despite the fact that the federal government has placed protective guidelines in place through the HIPPA, otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which includes stiff civil and criminal penalties according to dental news digest. It should be obvious that when a medical document is misplaced for any reason, the failure to produce it not only damages the doctor/patient relationship but can lead to some heavy fines.

Compliance and security are the priorities at XMediusFax solutions. PHI and all other documents are transmitted with the latest security technology. Medical intellectual property can also be transmitted without worrying about plagiarism.

They are also in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 to ensure the security apparatus is document-specific and up to date on any changes to new vulnerabilities and medical/pharma impacts. It’s also extremely scalable, which will reduce hard costs in the long run.

In addition, XMediusFax solutions employ the tools to send and receive electronically all documents from MFPs, mobile devices, and from desktops. These same solutions make it possible for users to automate the delivery time of medical documents and records from different office and clinical applications. EHR/EMR systems can also be organized for rapid archiving and retrieval. This means that a centralized fax solution is available from any app in the healthcare system.

What all this really means is that they eliminate the need for a phone line, toner and paper, and will also be able to protect PHI much more efficiently than previous fax machine technology. Using the cloud version makes upgrades and software maintenance automatic and will not require any IT involvement.

Those that can benefit are:

Pharmacies. Doctors can send in secured prescription from their mobile devices in real-time.

Insurance companies. Billing and claims are expedited by XMediusFax technology, making all faxes both quick and secure.

Medical Records Storage. Hardcopy storage expenses decrease when the patient’s medical history is automatically faxed to the EMR system. Plus, the special Optical Character Recognition app will route inbound faxes to the appropriate person to be indexed and easily looked at whenever needed.

One of the challenges faced by all medical data couriers, is the fact that information gets exchanged over different applications, on different devices and with different stakeholders involved. While today’s technology can simplify a healthcare worker’s workload, it also means the electronic medical records and electronic health records must be safeguarded continually.

The challenge remains to share paper and electronic medical records in a secure way between different systems with applications that could be outdated or inflexible. Otherwise, the information that is sent and received will not be either secure nor in compliance with HIPPA rules.

Disclosure risks

Disclosure risks with email, SMS, and enterprise file sharing and sync services prevent them from being used much for the disbursement of medical and insurance information. Unsecured transmissions of sensitive medical information remains an issue for many medical workers. It will take training, as well as updated technology, to make sure all health workers are in compliance with federal law in transmitting information. One simple solution is to use a system that is constantly updated to stay in compliance and remain secure, such as XMediusFax On Premises with their Cloud solutions, along with the XMediusFax Connector for the EHR platform.

A hosted fax service when dealing with the cloud is a solid option for healthcare workers today, as digital technology supersedes hardcopy in almost every department.

XMedius FoIp cloud-sourced technology provides prompt access to resources with no upfront investment of capital. The challenge is to make sure the errorless and clear integration of FoIp technology with budding info technology is maintained. This concern is being addressed by designing connectors that help the seamless integration of solutions with a wide variety of healthcare information systems. The XMedius connector allows healthcare workers to share both paper-based and electronic PHI records. And paper-based documents that need to become digitized will be processed with XMedius apps that work through a number of MFP connectors. A complete audit trail of electronic records is also in place with XMediusFax.

XMedius uses Nextgen software for set up. They also use Allscripts for advanced clinical exchanges.  The routing system in both cases is extremely user friendly. Routing PHI faxes remains completely secure and easy to do. This give the patient the highest priority when it comes to security.

Every health group needs to find the proper business partner. Choose one that provides consistent support to minimize your costs, and helps you keep in compliance with healthcare regulations. Such a partner will also extend existing applications and platforms to minimize errors and inefficiency.

Asking for customer referrals is a good way to select a business partner/vendor. Also request some products trials and a few demonstrations. Any hesitation on their part will clue you in that perhaps they would not be a good fit with your establishment’s goals.

And finally, make sure that your vendor has a solid track record when it comes to customer service. XMedius has one of the most responsive and fully-staffed customer care units in the country. They’ll see to it that your apps and software function within the guaranteed parameters at all times.