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Do You Need Motivation to Be Fit? 5 Useful Tips

I have been a
little chubby my entire life and my entire family always thought that I need
some motivation and a little push to do workout so that I can shed those extra
pounds. Well, did they succeed? Truly speaking, I had gotten so used to their
constant push that it hardly mattered. So, how did I manage to become fitter
with that attitude? Well, for starters I did not move an inch just because
someone else wanted me to, the only reason I agreed to do workout was because a
VIP convinced me to do so. You must be wondering who this important person is,
well, sorry to spoil it for you guys but it was myself.

Not stretching it
any further, let me straight away dive into the ways in which I could motivate

1. If
You are Motivated by Your Family’s Push, STOP Wasting Your Time:

If you have started
working out because your father narrated a list of family illness such as diabetes and hypertension, or your mother is worried about the fact that who will find you
attractive if you do not lose weight, then stop right there. I kindly request
you not to waste any more time of yours as you may stick to the routine a few
weeks, maximum, several months but after that, you will just not feel like
doing it anymore and get back to your old routines. All your hard work will go
in vain as you would regain all the weight and lose all the fitness you had gained.

2. Only
YOU can Push Yourself:

Sustaining a
long-term workout plan is impossible if you are not self-motivated. To gain and
maintain fitness, it takes several months, and you may not sustain so long if
you are not self-motivated. But, as warned by the therapists from TRi Physical
, do not overdo your workout sessions or else there
are chances that you may injure yourself and require treatments and physical
therapy to recover.

Self-Motivation will Not Work if You DON’T Love It:

So, you have motivated
to work out and get fit, but you are hating the
routine that you need to do every day to achieve the desired fitness. Will you
be able to sustain? Certainly not, doing a routine that is good for you, but
you do not enjoy is never going to be a success. Stick to routines which you
love to do, like join Zumba if you like dancing or join Yoga if you prefer a
calm workout.

4. You
can Never Sustain if You Consider Exercise a Burden:

The next advice I
would like to give you is really important. If you workout just for the sake of
workout and it seems like an extra burden which you wait to get over with, you
are doing it wrong. See a workout session just like other daily routines like
brushing your teeth. Try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Fearing the Weighing Machine will Not Help You:

Checking your
weight may be scary for many but truly if you want to feel motivated, do keep
checking your weight. People who do not check their weight are the ones who
become careless about their fitness. If you keep checking your weight, you will
feel motivated to see the results of your workout.

Dressing Up Every Week Can Motivate You for the Next Week:

Once you start
working out, you will start feeling the difference in the very first week.
Treat yourself by going out in gorgeous attire, this will make you feel
about your body and further motivate you to look
fitter hence your next week’s workout will bring better results.

These are some of
my motivation tips. What are yours? Share with us!!!