Find Out More about Vaginal Dryness with the ‘Why Can’t I Get Wet?’ Infographic

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, it is important to find out the cause and take steps to rectify the situation. The ‘Why Can’t I Get Wet?’ infographic provides detailed information on the possible symptoms, causes, and related problems connected to vaginal dryness to help women with this condition.

The infographic, which was published by LubeZilla, details the symptoms you may experience when you suffer from vaginal dryness. This includes painful intercourse, repeated UTIs, lack of libido, itching or burning, and changes in vaginal appearance. All of these can indicate a long term issue that needs to be addressed.

You can also find out more about how common this problem is by looking at the statistics relating to the number of women suffering from the condition. In addition, the infographic provides details on possible causes of vaginal dryness. This includes certain medications, emotional issues, the products you use, and lack of foreplay before sex.

There are also details on what the long term effects of vaginal dryness can be if it is not treated. Some of the potential issues listed include kidney infection, vaginal infections, and incontinence. However, you can also find out about the actions you can take to try and deal with this condition. Steps listed include medication, exercise, engaging in foreplay, using natural products, using lubricant, and monitoring medication.

This infographic provides a simple and effective way to learn more about vaginal dryness.