For Men: Top Tips for Tip-Top Health

Men often neglect their health. They skip annual checkups and ignore warning signs that suggest their health is at risk, sometimes until it’s too late. Therefore, it’s important that men of all ages become proactive about their health. The tips below will provide an easy way to start maintaining good health and vitality.

Eye health

You may not understand the importance of your eyesight until it’s compromised or gone. Since it’s not always obvious there’s a problem with your vision, you’ll need to schedule regular appointments with your optometrist to ensure that your eyes are in proper working order. Get your eyes examined once every two years to catch any problems early. If you’re already wearing spectacles or contacts, you might benefit from laser surgery, offered by an eye surgery specialist such as Optimax, to restore your natural vision.

Tooth care

A healthy, bright smile is a natural result of proper dental care. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, but make sure that you use the right methods. Don’t neglect dental check-ups; they’re important if you want to keep your teethclean and identify cavities. Your dentist will advise how often you’ll need to go, so follow his advice and don’t skip appointments.

Check your alcohol consumption

It’s okay to have the occasional drink to unwind. But if you’re relying on it to get through every day, you’re drinking too much and compromising your health. Alcohol is a huge risk factor for problems such as liver disease, cancer and cardiovascular complications, so drink sensibly to maintain excellent health in the long-term.

Check your blood pressure

How often do you check your blood pressure? High blood pressure is a leading cause of death worldwide, yet it is a disease that rarely causes any symptoms. All adults should know their blood pressure, so ask your doctor to check if you don’t know yours.

Monitor your weight

Obesity affects both men and women, but men have a tendency to carry their extra weight around their mid-sections. Apart from the unattractive apple shape this presents, it also poses a risk of diabetes and other health related problems. Work out a plan for diet and exercise that will help you to lose the excess weight.

Prostate health

Over 75 percent of men experience problems passing urine as they age. This could be due to an enlarged prostate, so it might be necessary to have your doctor check the size of your prostate based on your symptoms. While you’re at it, your doctor may schedule a PSA test to evaluate your risk of prostate cancer. Your doctor will advise you on the pros and cons of the test and let you know how often you should get it done.

Testicular exams

Testicular cancer is not very common, but when it strikes it can be easily treated if it’s caught early. Younger and middle-aged men are most at risk for this type of cancer, so check the area at least once a month to identify any abnormalities. Testicular cancer can be successfully treated with no lasting effects if it’s detected early.

Take charge of your health by incorporating these simple steps into your routine. The rewards of optimal health and well-being make it all worth the effort.