FUE Hair Transplants in Turkey

Considering a hair transplant to part ways with baldness? Here is what you should know about FUE hair transplants in Turkey, one of the worlds’ leading destinations in specialist FUE treatment.

Turkey has seen a surge in medical tourism for hair transplant surgery. There are several reasons for this, most notably that the hair transplant industry in Turkey is one of the best in the world because doctors did a lot of research in the past few decades. There is also the issue of affordability: Turkey as a country is quite competitive in both price and value, which is very advantageous to foreigners. 

Some of the hair transplant clinics, like Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic, have been offering hair transplant surgery using the FUE hair transplant technique since 1996. Turkey therefore has highly experienced surgeons who use this cutting-edge technology in hair transplant. Hair clinics in Turkey offer attractive packages and they attract international patients from the EU, UK, the Middle East and Gulf countries. People suffering from hair loss may initially be attracted by the low hair transplant costs in Turkey: but the good news is that they can discover unrivalled experience and expertise.

Why Turkey is Popular for Hair Transplant

Turkey is ranked third in hair transplant procedures worldwide, and a top destination for people from Europe and the Middle East looking to get hair transplants. It is estimated that 5,000 hair transplants are performed every year in Turkey alone. Why? Turkey was one of the first countries in which Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) was developed. Therefore, Turkish doctors have deep experience in the procedure and almost every clinic provides FUE. They are also pioneers in the area of beard transplantation – something that is less known in many western clinics.

Image: Dr. Serkan Aygin and his team

Location: Turkey is also conveniently located where Europe and the Middle East meet, drawing international patients from Europe and the Middle East. After short drive from Istanbul airport you can have access to world-class medical facilities. 

Convenience: These days, people who visit the Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic opt for private “tour-like” packages that are all-inclusive, where a private translator and driver are with them throughout the entire experience to make this a highly personalised and carefree experience. 

Hair Transplant Costs are Lower in Turkey

Turkey is also popular because it has lower hair transplant costs. While hair transplant costs $15,000 or more in the US and Europe, in Turkey it ranges between $600 and $2,000. Low cost does not indicate low quality; it is simply a reflection of high supply of the service. Hair loss patients who choose to save money find that the total cost of transport to Turkey, hotel accommodation and hair transplant is lower than the cost of the procedure in their home countries. 

Medical Tourism Packages

Another major attraction that Turkey provides is customer-friendly services for FUE hair transplant. First, there is free consultation online in which the doctor can estimate the number of grafts that the patient will require based on the pictures sent by the patient. Then the patient makes a booking and travels on an attractive package. 

The packages may differ from clinic to clinic. At the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic people generally opt for treatment in order to be treated by a world-leader with more than 20 years’ experience. This is an obvious choice to reduce the chances of any botched transplants. It is possible to drop into the clinic as a day care patient and plan your own trip – or, as mentioned, opt for an all-inclusive medical tourism package that covers a wide range of services. This can include a luxury transfer from the airport to the hotel, and from hotel to clinic and back, hotel, translator, plastic surgery, care products, a warranty document, and after-surgery follow-up. 

Avoiding gimmicks and focusing on the qualifications and experience of your Doctor is off course the best way to go. For example, what is the point in choosing a package with 5-star hotel service when the Doctor only has 6 months experience? 

Staying in Turkey

The hair transplant technique mostly used in Turkey is follicular unit extraction (FUE). It begins with a physical examination in which the doctor determines the number of hair follicles required and the possible donor areas. Hair loss sufferers then go through the hair transplant procedure which may take a whole day to extract the hair follicles and implant them in the bald areas on the head or on the face. The affected areas are then covered with bandages. Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic also gives patients travel pillows to use when they go to bed and when they finally fly back to their home countries.

On the second day, Dr. Aygin Clinic removes the dressings, examines the affected areas and applies platelet-rich plasma to the areas to enhance healing. Patients with certain health problems that increase risks may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen to accelerate healing. Then the health practitioners teach patients how to care for the head and/or face. Then they follow up the patients for 15 days to ensure that they comply with the care instructions.

Choose wisely:

There is always the risk of booking cosmetic procedures with a clinic that provides low-quality hair transplant that may result in disappointing results. Hair loss patients should do some research, check the clinics out and make sure they book with a reputable clinic. 


Whether you require a FUE treatment, beard transplant or any related special treatment, never assume anything just based on what you read. Take the ultimate step by arranging an online consultation first. Then, when speaking to a specialist, you will get a feel for their expertise, especially when they answer relevant questions. Turkey is obviously quite popular for a variety of reasons and is an option you can definitely consider.