Fun & Fit: 5 Healthy Hobbies to Adopt This Year


Healthy living doesn’t have to mean eating tasteless food and completing a grueling exercise routine everyday. If you always say you’re going to the gym, but never get around to it, you should try some of these fun, healthy hobbies instead. Whether you are playing in the pool or lounging indoors, these activities are enjoyable and good for you.



Get The Birdie

If it has been years since you last shot some hoops or you never found your game, try engaging in a less common sport that might catch your interest. Badminton is like tennis with a smaller court and an interesting projectile that moves differently than traditional balls. Badminton allows you to get exercise while having fun competing, and you get to whack an object with strange names like shuttlecock and birdie!



Bust A Move

Working out on equipment can feel very boring to many people, but that’s never a problem with one of the huge fitness trends sweeping the country. Zumba can deliver an intense workout, but it feels like a wild dance party. Zumba sessions usually last 30 minutes and involve Latin dance moves and catchy songs. You can exert yourself a little or really push yourself depending on your skill level, but you benefit from moving your body and getting your heart pumping either way. There are videos that can teach you Zumba in your home, or you are almost sure to find a local fitness or dance group that offers a live Zumba class if you prefer.




Improve yourself and your home at the same time by starting a garden. You can plant eye-catching flowers, sweet-smelling herbs, or useful fruits and veggies. Apartment dwellers can use window boxes for planting, or spruce up any room with a few potted plants. Gardening is a beneficial hobby because it improves your respiratory system, increases flexibility, and gives you an endorphin rush.



Brain Power

For the less active folks out there, it’s even possible to become healthier by relaxing on the couch or curling up in bed. Just bring a book along the next time you are feeling lazy. Reading keeps your mind healthy and improves your cognition, mental acuity, and vocabulary. Any type of literature gets your mental processes flowing, which means you receive the same benefits whether you pick an intellectual tome or the latest trashy best seller.



Splish Splash

Taking a dip in a pool is a great cardio activity and burns calories fast. You can swim laps or use this hobby to socialize by doing water aerobics or playing water volleyball or polo. Most areas have a number of options for local pools, both indoor and outdoor, you can use to pursue your swimming hobby. If you want more privacy, however, companies like ABC Pool Service in Los Alamitos can help you install a private, custom pool right in your own backyard.



Staying fit isn’t a hassle with these entertaining hobbies. A combination of different activities helps keep you healthy by supporting your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, so try something new today and adopt one of these 5 pursuits.