Getting Back Your Body You Had Before You Had Your Children

Losing weight that you might have gained during pregnancy is on the checklist of every new mother. For some, they could have had a great metabolism without the need to exercise or eat healthily. The body changes immensely during pregnancy in ways that only mothers understand. Setting goals are important when trying to lose weight or tighten up areas where you might have lost muscle tone. The following are tips to reclaim your body and look like yourself again. 

Write Down Your Goals For Your Body 

Writing down your goals can help you hold yourself accountable in your quest to get back your prebaby body. The goals can allow you to create a plan of action as there is a chance you might just need to lose a little weight. For others, this can be a transformation that takes months. Setting goals for how often you want to attend the gym or how many miles you will put in on the stationary bike are important. These smaller goals will help you reach your ultimate goals. 

Try a Fitness/Nutrition Challenge 

30-day challenges that are dedicated to both fitness and nutrition can help jumpstart your physical journey. Plenty of moms indulge on some not so healthy snacks during pregnancy due to cravings. These challenges usually involve the elimination of processed foods, alcohol, and carbohydrates. Doing a challenge like the Whole 30 Challenge can allow you to start eating incredibly healthy. The transition from this challenge to a diet like the Ketogenic diet will be far easier as Whole 30 has far more restrictions. 

The fitness challenges usually scale up over time so pick one that is manageable. A mom that is finally cleared to go back to the gym or exercise after giving birth could have spent months on bed rest. You want to shock your system but simultaneously want to avoid injury from doing too much too fast. 

Meal Prepping Can Reduce Unhealthy Snacking/Ordering In 

Following a diet like the Keto diet that is mentioned above becomes far easier when you practice meal prepping. Cooking up chicken or lean steak can allow you to throw this into a salad and have a meal ready to go. Prepping the salad will be easy but refrain from putting dressing or cutting vegetables/fruits that will lead to salad to be damp. The ability to heat up the over and throw a meal for the entire family in oozes convenience. Even a significant other with zero cooking skills will be able to follow simple instructions for time and temperature on the oven. 

See a Professional

Seeing a professional might be imperative as excess skin is something that you cannot exercise. A small plastic surgery procedure or entire “Mommy Makeover” could be in store. Picking a board-certified surgeon is important as you want to be operated on by a qualified medical professional. You can ask about a plethora of options to make you feel like you are yourself again like a breast lift with augmentation. These makeovers will differ immensely regarding your needs and desires. A tummy tuck might be in store for one mother while another opts for a breast reduction. Dr. Ortiz, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Raleigh based North Raleigh Plastic Surgery notes, “The toughest areas to remedy are the breast and tummy areas as they change permanently after the childbearing process.”

Find a Form of Exercise You Actually Enjoy 

Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy whether it is yoga or swimming is important. Exercise does not have to feel like a chore so make it a priority to try out new workouts or gyms. You might find something you would have never thought you’d enjoy that produces your desired results. This will take trial and error so stay patient as you expand your fitness horizons. 

Getting back your body that you had before your pregnancy is not impossible but will take hard work. Don’t delay and remember to be patient as this will be a process that will take some time.