The verdict, by way of The Wolverine State, is clear: As Michigan goes, so
goes the nation; as voters continue to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, as they did yesterday by a 56-44 margin; as Michigan adds itself to the list of states with similar laws, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington; as entrepreneurs, investors, farmers, manufacturers, and retailers add themselves to this list—and add value to the treasuries of these respective states—so revenues can increase and jobs can expand; as Michigan colors its portion of the Midwest green, proving that support for this cause is not exclusive to New England and the West, with the exception of the politically purple but otherwise verdant State of Colorado—as we take a moment to inhale (pun intended) this news, bear in mind that we have yet to end the beginning.

We are still at the beginning of a social, cultural, scientific, and economic revolution.

I use that word without exaggeration, because a true revolution is swift, significant, and permanent.

Legalization of cannabis transcends partisanship and trumps politics in general; and will accelerate as more states add themselves to the list above. It is significant because it represents the commercialization of a variety of products and services, whose benefits are many and whose beneficiaries manifest themselves in positive testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing.

To know these things is to recognize that this shift is more firm than fragile. The revolution is real.

The challenge now is to separate fact from fiction: to have companies police themselves, lest the federal government intervene and police a multi-billion-dollar industry; lest the excesses of the few come at the expense of the many; lest progress stop—and profits slide—because of acts of commission or omission.

One company that understands the importance of this issue is Headway Bio-Sciences. Its line of hemp extracts, tinctures, and oils represents the company’s commitment to transparency and excellence.

That commitment speaks to not only the efficacy of its products but the exigent needs of consumers, whose trust is earnest; whose trust is (justifiably) hard to earn; whose trust is a reward to preserve, protect, and defend.

If we want to gain traction on this issue—if we want to make headway in general, so to speak—we must follow the example of a company that shares our values; and values the virtues of communication, compliance, and good corporate citizenship.