Having a Calm Mind Can Lead to Serenity

When a person has a calm mind, there can be a lot more proactive activities that occur because of it. Feeling overwhelmed and highly stressed out are very difficult to suppress those emotions. That is why people like Helen Lee Schifter meditate and practice Zen Buddhism. Serenity is never far if the mind is tranquil. 

As a person goes about their day, it’s critical that they understand anything can happen. Being aware of surrounding and processing what happens is the first step. Once a situation os processes and is almost digested, a person can self-reflect. That step also takes quite a bit of time, depending on how traumatic a situation was.Next, finding a space and energy to let go of negativity is very critical. When a person understands and compresses the information about a situation, good things can start happening. Serenity and serendipity don’t happen overnight, according to Helen Lee Schifter. It takes dedication and a lot of practice to find calmness quickly.