Why Mental Health is So Important

Mental health is very important and constantly underrated by the media. What some media outlets post is very damaging to people’s mental health. The stereotypes, body shaming, negative comments, and so much more are a serious issue for people’s mental health. Helen Lee Schifter is an activist for mental health and wellness. It’s very common for people to put their personal struggles aside for a variety of different reasons when that sound;t be the case.

The best way to improve your mental health is by seeking professional help. Therapy and psychologists are very useful for many people struggling with their wellness. This can help prompt better habits that don’t isolate or negatively impact an individual.In addition, seeking help for mental health is not a weakness. Many believe that this is a sign of giving up when in fact it’s the opposite. Going to seek a therapist is the first step to loving oneself and fighting for one’s wellness. Helen Lee Schifter recommends seeing a specialist if one is struggling with mental health issues immediately. If you know someone who needs help, it’s time to put them first and give them the help they need.