Healthy sleep tips

It is a well known fact that a good night’s sleep can have positive effects on your health, lifestyle and well-being. But, as we age, the natural sleep pattern of the body changes and there is difficulty in having a continuous sleep at night. Here are some great tips that can help you in achieving a relaxing sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and energised the next morning.

1. Have light meals at night or finish off dinner three hours before sleeping

Try to have soups, salads and food low on carbohydrates at night time. Eating heavy or spicy food can cause uneasiness and heaviness. Also, limit the liquid intake before going to bed so that you can have uninterrupted sleep without having to run to the toilet.

2. Avoid caffeine, tea or tobacco products 3 hours before sleeping

Reports have shown that nicotine and caffeine products are stimulants and consuming these before bedtime will not let you have a proper sleep.

3. Make exercise your daily routine

Regular exercise can keep stress at bay, maintain health and vitality which in turn will produce sound sleep patterns. Go for brisk walks in the nature everyday or join some exercise classes for the elderly. However, avoid doing any heavy exercises and consult your doctor before starting on a new routine.

4. Engage in a regular relaxing routine before sleeping

Researchers suggest that doing a relaxing activity at night such as soaking feet in a hot water tub brings about a good sleep.

5. Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga is the science of well-being, evolution and union of body, mind and soul. Meditation practices and breathing exercises calms the mind and erases the thoughts and enables you to have a relaxed sleep at night without any tension and worry. Yoga scriptures claim that chanting Om several times before bedtime soothes the senses and provides a calm sleep without any disturbing dreams.

6. Maintain a sleep schedule

Follow a similar sleep and wake up time routine every day. In this way you will give rise to the natural body rhythms and circadian clock in the brain. Subconsciously, your brain will start giving you signals of sleep when approaching that time of the day when you sleep and wake up on the daily basis.

7. Write a diary

Keep a journal where you write down all your concerns and thoughts during the day. In this way you will feel much lighter and will not worry about things during sleeping.

8. Avoid having naps during the daytime

Taking naps during day time will inhibit in having proper sleep at night. So avoid taking long naps during the day and if you have to take it then try and make it short. Instead of sleeping on your night sleeping place, use a different room for the day naps.

9. Make a sleep conducive environment

Make your room dark, quiet and cosy while preparing to go to bed. Noise and light can disrupt your sleep. Play some relaxing instrumental music that will create a tranquilising environment. You can try listening to Tibetan bells music as these are really soothing and makes one fall in a deep sleep within minutes of hearing it.

10. Use good quality mattresses

Use comfortable and qualitative mattress as an old and disfigured one has adverse effects on your posture, health and sleep. A good quality pressure mattress can give you uninterrupted sleep without having any bed sores. They are designed to scatter the pressure from the dents caused by body bones on the mattress while sleeping. Having one of these can help prevent pressure ulcers at night.You can find more information on a pressure care mattress here.

11. Indulge in a relaxing activity that you enjoy

Refrain from heavy or stress inducing activity like working, problem or competitive games just before going to sleep. Play some light games like a card game with your partner or grandchildren.

12. Put the phone on silent mode or voice mail

A sudden phone call in the middle of a sleep can make you sleepless for the rest of the night. So, to avoid any interruptions in your sleep, put the phone on a vibration or silent mode at night.

13. Be in sunshine during the day

Get yourself exposed to the sun as this will maintain the melatonin levels in the body which is responsible for making you sleepy.