How do I Prepare for My First Yoga Class?

It’s great you’ve made up your mind to join a yoga class. People practise yoga for different reasons. You may be joining a yoga class to increase flexibility, reduce stress or just to improve your general wellbeing. Whatever the reason, yoga is one form of exercise that can easily become part of your daily lifestyle. Whatever your age or state of fitness/flexibility, it’s never too late to join and enjoy yoga. As a beginner, it is best to start by taking classes with a qualified teacher who can teach you the yoga breath, how to do the individual postures and movements and provide you with a sequence of postures that you can practice at home.  Beginner classes are available at Yoga Dublin Studios in Ranelagh – please see for details.


What to wear during yoga classes

The key is that you should wear clothes that you find to be comfortable when exercising.  Good options are t-shirts/singlets/tank tops and leggings/shorts/track suit bottoms.  You practice in your bare feet and you should leave your shoes and socks in the changing area as, for hygiene reasons, they may not be worn in the practice studio at any time.

What to take to your first yoga class

A yoga mat is the most essential thing you need for your first yoga class. You can rent a mat at Yoga Dublin Studios for your first few classes but, for hygiene reasons, it is best to have your own.  There is great variation in the type, quality and price of yoga mats so it is best to take advice from your teacher as to the best one to buy. There is no need to buy any props like straps or blocks – these are all available in the studio.  Unless necessary for some medical condition, you should not drink water or other fluids during your yoga practice as the temperature of the fluid cools down internal muscles, organs and joints which you have warmed up through your yoga breathing to bring increased movement to these areas.

Things to do before the first yoga class

For your first yoga class, there are dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. First, there should be at least a two hour gap between you having eaten and your practice as you will have difficulties in engaging in bending postures if you have recently eaten food in your stomach.  Also, as you will not be drinking any water or fluids (unless you have a medical condition) during the practice, you should come to your class well hydrated.

Get to class early

For your first class it is best to get to the studio about 10 minutes before the class is due to commence so that you can familiarise yourself with the studio surroundings (hire mat, changing rooms, toilets etc) and be in a relaxed state for your first practice. Always make sure that your mat is placed properly on the floor, lined up with the lines of the floor boards.