How Long Should Workout Shorts Be

The debate has gone on long enough – how long should workout shorts be? Yes, we have encountered really short workout shorts in the 70s and 80s that were slowly replaced by really long workout shorts in the 90s and early 2000s – but what about now in 2020? In 2020, there is no easy answer to this question but the good news is that shorts of all lengths are being embraced by men all over the place who simply love their legs! Whether or not this sounds like you, we are here to help you determine how long your men’s workout shorts should be.

Workout Short Length By Height

One way that you can determine how long your workout shorts should be is to use your height. The length of workout shorts is measured by an inseam, and some of the most popular workout shorts have an inseam that ranges from five inches to ten inches. That being said, obviously, if you are shorter to begin with, then ten inches of fabric on you will take up more of your frame than it would on Lebron James, for example. So while height doesn’t have to be the only determinant in your workout short length, it is something to consider.

You also may want to think about how comfortable you are with showing off your legs. Some guys are totally willing to show some skin while others shudder at the thought. This affinity should be used in combination with your height in order to figure out the perfect length for your ideal pair of workout shorts. Shorter guys who want to show off their legs can buy a pair of shorts with a five-inch inseam, whereas taller guys who want more leg coverage from their workout shorts might want to buy a pair that has a nine or ten-inch inseam. In any case, a pair of workout shorts with a seven-inch inseam is a great middle-ground if you’re of average height and still want a decent amount of coverage.

Workout Short Length By Activity

Another way that you can determine how long your workout shorts should be is to think about the activity you’ll be using them for. Some activities require a shorter inseam while others require a longer one. Here’s a quick guide on the length you might need for some different athletic activities:

· Running: Running requires a shorter short with no more than a five-inch inseam. This is because you don’t want extra fabric getting in the way of achieving your top speeds.

· Lifting weights: Lifting weights requires more fabric so that you are able to achieve a wide range of motion with no risk of tearing while also guaranteeing more coverage. A short with around a nine-inch inseam is ideal for this.

· Golfing: You also need to maintain a range of motion for golfing, which is why shorts with a nine-inch inseam is recommended for hitting the links.

· Basketball: Basketball shorts are traditionally long for a reason to provide maximum range of motion and coverage. A short with at least a ten-inch inseam is ideal for basketball.

· Everyday lounging: We all know that workout shorts aren’t just used for working out – they are also used for chilling out! A middle-range short is great for this with a seven-inch inseam.

Final Thoughts

Every man needs at least one good pair of workout shorts, but finding the right length for you can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, by keeping in mind your height and your favorite athletic activity, you will be able to find the perfect pair of workout shorts.

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