How the Time of Day You Exercise Affects Your Health

Everyone knows that getting at least some kind of exercise each and every day is good for your body and mind. However, people have also been known to feel that there are specific times throughout the day that will be more beneficial to fit in a workout, which can leave some feeling like the day is shot if you miss your window. Luckily, this isn’t actually the case. There are many benefits for getting in exercise at any time during the day. So find a gym with hours that work for you and get in a workout at any one of these three times for major health benefits.

Morning Exercise

Getting in your exercise in the morning has traditionally been known to have many benefits. According to a study reported on by Jenna Birch, a contributor to Women’s Health Magazine, morning workouts really can set you up for a more successful, healthy day. By pumping up your heart rate and getting your sweat on before anything else, you have a greater chance of making healthier food choices as well as having a ramped up metabolism that will help you burn more calories throughout the day. So if you can get yourself out of bed early enough, morning exercise could be perfect for your lifestyle and body.

Afternoon Exercise

While not everyone has the flexibility in their schedule to fit in a midday workout, those who can carve out the time will see many benefits, especially when it comes to their productivity. Laura Schwecherl, a contributor to, shares that taking a break from work or play to exercise during the middle of the day can help people have more stamina at their jobs as well as having an increase in energy and productivity levels. If you find yourself consistently dragging by the time you get to the early afternoon hours, consider throwing in an afternoon exercise routine to help liven your day back up.

Night Exercise

For many people, working out in the evening or at night just seems to be the most convenient time of the day. But along with the convenience, exercising your body after the sun goes down also has some added physical and health benefits as well. According to a study reported on by Doug Dupont of, people who choose to workout in the evenings have higher performance levels when completing their exercises. You also have less of a chance of becoming prematurely fatigued because your body and muscles have had all day to warm up. For those planning to do a hard workout that requires a lot of strength and stamina, completing the exercises at night may prove to be easier and more beneficial to you.
Regardless of the time of day in which you choose to exercise, your body and mind will become healthier as a result of your choice to take care of them. Pick the time of day that works best for you, your lifestyle and your schedule and see the amazing benefits that can come to every facet of your life.