How to be in the Best Shape of Your Life after 50

It’s never too late to take up exercise or start leading a healthier life. You could even end up in better shape at 55 than you were at 25 with a little dedication and effort. Taking up, or increasing, exercise later in life could see you live longer, stay healthy, keep your brain active, reduce your risks of numerous conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, look after your mental health and, perhaps most importantly, make you happy. Here are some great tips to help you get in great shape in your 50’s and beyond.


The easiest way to add more activity to your day to day life is to walk. Walk instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and go for long walks for extra exercise. Walking can be a great cardio workout and is a brilliant way to start adding exercise to your lifestyle without overdoing things.

Eat Well

Remember that diet is as important as exercise when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and try to get at least one serving of a fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can help look after your mind as you age. Don’t worry about going on a dramatic diet that’s unsustainable. Instead, make small changes such as cutting out sugar or white bread while eating a balanced diet.

Moderate Exercise

Don’t rush into high-impact exercise. Instead, start off with a moderate workout regime including swimming, walking, yoga, or running. The couch to 5k program is a fantastic way to get into running without pushing yourself too hard.


Your body needs a chance to recover. Give yourself a day off exercise after every workout day. Go for a walk or do some gentle yoga if you feel like exercise, but nothing too taxing.


One of the hardest things about getting into shape when you are older is finding the motivation to do it. You’ll sometimes think it’s too late, or that there is no point. But, this simply isn’t the case. Remind yourself of the huge range of benefits to getting in shape. It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself.

Find Something You Love

You are much more likely to find the motivation to stick to exercise if it’s something that you enjoy doing. Try some classes in your local area, watch videos online, or join your friends until you find things you like. Many gyms do sample classes or taster sessions so you don’t need to commit straight away.

If you are interested in making sure you have a great quality of life as you age or helping others do the same, consider studying for an online masters in gerontology from the University of Southern California. The study of gerontology is all about finding ways to understand age and help the aging population stay fit, healthy, and active.

Staying active after 50 needn’t be a chore if you follow these tips!