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How to Become More Appreciative of Nature

The first way to become more aware of nature’s presence is by meditating in it. In order to do so, wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter, find a place outside that is just right for them. Then, one must sit and focus on breathing in and out at a balanced pace. When first starting out, it can be difficult to concentrate on developing concrete ideas to focus on.

Start thinking about how everything in nature is connected. No matter how big or small everything is a piece of the puzzle. Every leaf on the ground and every tree one passes on the way to work is part of an immense ecosystem. One must appreciate this in many variations because the world lacks people who are considerate of nature. Now, building skyscrapers and cutting trees is all business. The world has developed a work ethic for many individuals that doesn’t stop at the cost of nature. Hopefully, individuals will soon realize the impact and importance of nature before it’s too late. Helen Lee Schifter focuses her spirituality on being one with nature and then doing sustainable acts that help the environment. If everyone did this, the world would be a much cooler place.