How to Bring a Malpractice Claim against a Pediatrician

It is normal for parents to be overprotective to ensure the safety of their child. When a child gets sick, parents usually take the child to a pediatrician. However, we couldn’t escape the fact that sometimes medical professionals make mistakes. This fault can make the illness severe, put the child’s well-being in danger, or worse result in death. This can be heartbreaking, and we understand the pain of every parent seeing their child suffer from the result of plain negligence or malpractice. If you are a parent of a child whose health was affected due to a malpractice of medical providers, especially pediatricians, it’s time to bring claims. To understand this, you should know the following.

Pediatrician Malpractice Claims

In order for a malpractice claim to be valid, the aggrieved party should see to it that the doctor has violated the standard of care recognized by law. The malpractice acts should be from the negligence of the medical practitioners such as errors in diagnosis, careless treatment, prescribing issues or overprescribing diagnosis, failure or delay to attend to the child’s need or any negligence that causes harm and injury to a child. Filing your complaint against the physician is the primary step to bring disciplinary action. If you want to bring the issue into a lawsuit, seek legal advice and assistance from an expert pediatric lawyer. As Ladah Law Firm suggests, you need an experienced medical attorney by your side.  The rights of your child should be your utmost priority. Thus, filing a lawsuit will help you recover from the damages and receive appropriate medical care that your child deserves. If it turns out that the medical professional was proven guilty, he or she shall be held liable.

How to win over Pediatric Malpractice Lawsuit

In order for you to win your case and recover damages, any type of negligence of your pediatrician has to be proven. The aggrieved party must prove to the court that the physician’s negligence has caused injury to the child. The said injury must also have caused a significant damage to the plaintiff such as loss of income, high hospital bills, and pain and suffering. However, it is not enough that a child has suffered harm after a mistake was done. In most cases, proving the standard of care can be complicated, and it requires careful testimony. For instance, if an error in diagnosis makes the child’s condition worse, you have to show how she suffered gravely because of the mistake.  You have to prove that the harm wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the attending pediatrician’s negligence.


More than winning over the case and recovering from the damages of your child’s pain and suffering, having the pediatrician held accountable is somehow fulfilling as it could deter and ensure that such horrible events will not happen again in the future. This will also help other pediatricians, nurses, and other medical staff be responsible and vigilant while on duty. If you need legal help, you have to consult a legal expert.