How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist Perfect for You

Are you in the market for a cosmetic dentist? Perhaps you are looking to replace your gold or silver fillings with composite fillings? Or maybe you are looking for a regular whitening office?

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs are, choosing a place that will meet all your needs can be challenging.

Not sure where to start? We compile the essential areas to evaluate as you start off on your search.

  1. Personal rapport and ease of communication.

According to Cosmetic Dentist in Shelby Township MI, “While an experienced, skilled dentist is imperative, it is equally as important to choose one you feel comfortable with. There is really no substitute for an experienced dentist who can spot potential issues early on, alert you, and arm you with solutions as to the best treatment options.”

You want a dentist who is not only expertly skilled but who also has the interpersonal or communication skills that can ease your nerves.

Going to the dentist is a nerve-wracking experience for many. Having a dentist who is able to help you feel comfortable and relaxed is something to look for as you evaluate possible offices.
See how you feel as you talk with him or her. Does he or she take the time to answer your questions? Or do they make you feel rushed?

  1. Reputation and reviews.

A dentist’s reputation gives you a glimpse into their past work and how their past clients view their overall experience with them.

Look up their dental office on Google Maps and read reviews. Or ask your family and friends for referrals of dental offices that they have been to and liked.

Additionally, if you know of a dental office that you trust, ask for a recommendation of a good cosmetic dental office.

Look at the past work their dental office has done. See if there are any bad reviews or bad experiences. Read up on how the dental office handled people who were unhappy with the cosmetic dental work they received.

  1. Dental accreditation.

Every state holds the dentists in their area accountable to the state’s dental board. These dental boards have a listing of all the accredited dental offices that are practicing in their state. Check if the cosmetic dental office you are considering is registered. You can also see if any patients have filed a complaint against work provided.

  1. Specialization and know how.

Even within the cosmetic dentistry field, there are those who specialize in certain procedures. The dental implant specialist would not be the right choice if all you want are regular whitening sessions. Naturally, if a dental office is big enough, they will have several dentists on call who each have their field of specialty. Find out if there is someone on call who can provide the procedure you are looking for. 

Or if you might be better served finding a dental office that is highly specialized in the field you need.

  1. Your own needs.

An important aspect of finding a dentist well suited to your needs is to pinpoint exactly what those needs are. Perhaps you are after a perfect smile. But do not know what steps you need to take to get there.

For people with few dental issues, the steps to a perfect smile usually involve regular whitening sessions. And maybe a few fillers to replace gold or silver fillings. But what about for those with more complex issues, such as missing teeth or over-crowded teeth? You may need recommendations on how to go about achieving the results you are after.

If this is the case for you, shop around. Make a list of the top dental offices that you feel you can trust. Then go for a consultation where they can evaluate your teeth and outline a recommended plan tailored to your needs. Do not settle for the first place you go to. If your cosmetic dental needs are complex, chances are it might take anywhere from six months to a year. Because this decision is one that will impact your finances and absorb your time, it is essential you choose the right place. Go to several dental offices to listen to their recommendations and what they propose.

Research thoroughly and then choose wisely. Once you do, you will be able to proceed with less worry, as you will know that you invested time into making the right decision. Your smile is an investment that will pay off every day and with every person you meet.