How To choose a pregnancy pillow


To many women, their pregnancy period is usually an amazing and joyous time. Feeling the little person grow, kick and turn is an experience that they wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. However, it is not always sunshine and rainbow as it comes with its share of changes in a woman’s body. Apart from increased weight and the many common problems that we hear about such as nausea, fatigue, and soreness, sleeping also becomes a problem. Reason being, most of them do not get proper support hence getting a night of uninterrupted sleep becomes a thing of the past.

Luckily for them, many companies have come up with pregnancy pillows to help make their pregnancy period much easier and comfortable. Due to the rising numbers of these companies, it can get difficult for them to decide which one is the best and the most comfortable. To help those who are in such a predicament, below is a list of factors to guide them on how to choose a pregnancy pillow and the different types that are out there. Here are some factors you need to consider before buying.


No matter how comfy or how much it suits you, if you lack enough money to purchase it, then it will be of no help. Therefore, the first thing to have in mind is the price of the pillow you want. If you are on a budget, take time to know the ones within your price range so that from there the next stop will be to look at the factors shown below. Hence, do not leave a hole in your finances just to get a pregnancy pillow.


Pregnancy cushions come in a diverse collection of designs and sizes. It is important that you put in mind the size of your bed and also your sleeping partner. Some of them are usually big; they end up taking all the space leaving none to your spouse. Consequently, if you don’t own a king-size bed, it will be advisable to go for a compact size as they are equally comfortable. Also, consider your body size. If you are a plus size, choose one that is proportioned to suit you well.


Similar to the other sleeping paraphernalia, a pregnancy pillow contains materials in it which offer you comfort. Another tip on how to choose a pregnancy pillow is by considering the materials used to fill it. For instance, memory foam ones are good and provide you with complete support. Nonetheless, they tend to get warm as your body temperatures increase and heat is something many pregnant women don’t like. In addition, some materials are noisy. Thus if you stir a lot in your sleep, they may interrupt your sleep. Besides, some women develop allergies towards some things during pregnancy, and the fill material is just an example of what some are allergic to. To avoid all these complications, ensure that the fill material is a factor at the top of your list of considerations.

Sleeping position

As stated earlier, these cushions come in different designs most of which are according to the sleeping positions. For instance, there are those designed to suit back sleepers while others best suit women who lie on their side. Reason being as pregnancy progresses, your current sleeping position might become uncomfortable which is the number one reason you are looking for a pillow. A pregnancy pillow which suits your sleeping pose will go a long way in making sure that you do not wake up with body pain.



Pregnancy pillows do not come in the regular shape that we are all used to. Some are wedged while others are bean shaped. That means that in comparison to the regular ones, pregnancy pillows are not easy to clean which is why the cover matters a lot. Before you make any purchase, consider whether the cover is removable. If it is, then, cleaning will not pose a problem since all you have to do is remove it and let the washing machine handle the rest. A decent cover ensures that your pillow does not pick dirt or any bad odors, thus you sleep like a baby. Covers also help your pillow achieve functionality. A removable cover is also easy to replace with a new one hence minimizing the costs of having to purchase a new one.

For future use

Even though its original purpose is to help a pregnant woman get a more comfortable sleep, pregnant pillows can also be used beyond pregnancy. Furthermore, spending hard earned money is no one’s hobby thus getting a product which continues to serve you well even after it has achieved its purpose is everyone’s joy. While choosing a pregnancy pillow, make sure you consider whether you can use it to support your little bundle of joy while feeding or nursing it or even better as your pillow in future.