How to Choose the Right Vibration Plate

Lots of us dream about having a healthy, strong, fit body and an attractive look. A vibration plate is a special machine that can help us reach this goal much faster than we expect. All types of vibration plates can be seen on

The thing is a vibration plate allows to perform exercises several times more efficiently, thanks to the vibrating surface, which makes the muscles contract up to 40 times per second. This simulator has quickly gained popularity, so it is increasingly found in fitness centers throughout the world.

Vibration Platform Benefits

This vibrating sports equipment brings your body to perfection very fast. The plates constantly vibrate and improve the coordination of body movements.

The vibration platform has several advantages:

  • The machine affects the whole body at once, eventually, it makes more than 90% of the muscles work at the same time.
  • The plates provide the intensity of the exercises that you perform.
  • The vibration activates other muscle groups that you have not usually trained.
  • It improves blood circulation, which contributes to the burning of fat, as well as muscle building.

There are also such plates for elderly people and individuals with special needs. These models vibrate less, but also improve people’s health, including a sense of balance, which is often disturbed in old age.

Besides, vibration machines exist with and without a mounting pole. For older people, models equipped with handles are desirable to provide higher safety and prevent falls.

Vibration Plate for Weight Loss

Exercises on the vibration platform improve the condition of not only the muscles but also the whole organism.

It is credited with such excellent abilities as:

  • improving blood flow
  • restoring metabolism
  • returning a healthy complexion and skin tone
  • postoperative rehabilitation
  • establishing mechanisms of self-healing and body cleansing
  • getting rid of excess weight and cellulite.

The fact is that various tissues of our body have different capability to conduct vibration due to their density and composition. Therefore, the soft tissues in which fats and stagnant fluid concentrate, as if rub against each other, are shuddering not to the beat.

Such a process stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body, the improvement of the lymphatic flow, with the help of which our body gets rid of toxins, “breaking up” and burning fat deposits.

Vibration Plate for Home Use

As already noted, you can buy a device with a mounting pole or a compact version, that is, a standalone unit.

The advantage of platforms without a pillar is that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and are also compact. The size is practical and allows you to perform exercises in small apartments or rooms.

However, if you decide to use a vibration plate with a column or support handles, you can do more exercises with it. They provide additional support and allow you to perform safely even more complex actions.

For beginners, it is recommended to purchase a cheaper version of such plate without a handle. However, advanced users can practice on a device with a pole. Of course, this is also a wallet issue.

Similarly, you should consider in your purchasing decision that various models are equipped with different engine characteristics.

Also, the weight of the plate should be taken into account. If the device is heavier, it will make you stand more reliable. Your body weight is also relevant here. 

The disadvantage of heavy equipment is that it is more problematic in moving and folding.

You should also pay attention to the material. High-quality panels are made of steel, metal or fiberglass and dampen vibration, so your neighbors will not be disturbed.
You should consider buying a vibration plate at least because of this fact: the 15-20 minute exercise on a vibration platform is equivalent to a two-hour run or the same amount of time spent in the gym.