How To Effectively Influence Your Workplace to Be A Healthier Environment

Work can be very stressful, and that can make the workplace a very unhealthy place to be. Unfortunately, we all have to earn a living, and that means enduring workplace antics. Believe it or not, you can help your workplace become a healthier environment by speaking up and doing just a few very simple things.

Bring in a potted plant for your cubicle

Decorate your desk with a potted plant. Having plants in the workplace is an awesome idea because they produce oxygen and can increase the air quality in your building. Better air means better functioning brains and bodies and greater productivity. If you’re brave enough, make a suggestion to your superiors about adding more plants in the office for decoration.

Pack a healthy brown bag lunch

You probably notice most of your co-workers eating greasy fast food during the lunch break, but you don’t have to be like everyone else. Be the shining example of health-consciousness in your office by bringing a healthy sack lunch. A simple meal might consist of a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, carrot sticks, Greek yogurt, and a ripe banana. When other people notice you eating so well, they might begin to follow suit.

Improve your communication with co-workers

Poor communication can make the workplace a very hostile environment. If you realize that you’re not the best at keeping others informed, try to be transparent with everything you do from this point on. If you made a mistake, say so. If you’re dissatisfied with something, make it known. If you need help or need somebody to take over temporarily, let your co-workers know.

Make a suggestion for standing workstations

Your co-workers might hate you for having anything to do with eliminating office chairs, but convincing your workplace to adopt standing workstations might be for the greater good. Sitting down all day is linked to a ton of health problems including obesity, blood clots, and heart disease. Standing in place isn’t much better, but it should push the employees to walk around more over the course of the day.

Contribute gym equipment to the workplace break room

People who say they have no time to exercise are simply making excuses for themselves. You can get that heart pumping nicely with just five minutes of spare time. Better yet, bring some weights, resistance bands, or a yoga mat to the break room, and get in a quick workout before enjoying your lunch.

Sometimes work can consume our lives. Don’t let stress and your lack of free time send you to an early grave. Since you spend most of your day in the office, try to make personal changes there to fuel a revolution. After all, healthy workers are better workers. However, just because you can individually make a difference does not mean that your employer has no obligation to keep a safe workplace environment for their employees. If you have any questions about workplace safety concerns you should communicate them with your employer or work accident lawyers like Brunt & Hood or others.

About the author

I'm Rianne, I'm a mother of three, currently residing in Riverside California. I was a nurse for almost ten years before I decided to move to being a stay at home mommy, and even though I miss being a nurse, I fill my time with my kiddos and writing on the side. I hope to bring valuable information on many topics, and I'll do what I can to help and look forward to this new chapter in my life!