How to energise yourself before a workout

How to energise yourself before a workout

Not even halfway through your workout and you feel you can’t keep up pace! This is because you haven’t done your pre-workout homework well. A pre-workout prep helps you maintain your endurance and stamina during your workout. Find out how to get your body ready before you push and sweat it out.


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Get in the mood

To go to a party, you firstly get into the mood. Don’t you? You buy a new dress and plan what makeup you will wear. Similarly, you need to get in the mood before going for a workout. Get moving!

  • Firstly pick up your butt from the couch.
  • Perform a burgener warm up to get blood pumping. Use a stick or PVC pipe (if you have one) for it.
  • Stretch dynamically.
  • Use resistance bands while playing your favourite music.
  • Purchase trendy gym wear.

Foods that break with time

During a workout, you need energy to be slowly released into your body. Hence, in your prep time eat complex carbs (not the heavy carbs like candies and cakes). Complex carbs take a longer time to break into the blood stream. Apples, cereal, salmon or whole wheat bread with salad are the right foods. Not only this, but carbs also raise the blood sugar, which fuels muscles.

Another workout facilitator is the mighty protein. Once protein breaks, it makes amino acids readily available in the blood to carry on repairing and replenishment issues. A boiled egg, a bowl of yogurt or around 10 almonds will keep you going.

Liquid planning

Keeping your body hydrated while working out is essential. If working out is the first thing you are heading for in the morning, then make sure you drink a full glass of water. Follow this by juice or protein shake.

If you leave without any liquids, this would mean your body hasn’t received any liquids since the previous night. This can make you dehydrated and ill as you workout. If you plan to workout at a later part of the day, then ensure that you sip liquids throughout the day.

Time your meals

Eating right is great. But this ‘right food’ needs to be digested by the time you begin your workout. If not, you will not get the required energy. Eating at least 1-2 hours before your workout is a healthy choice.

In this way, by the time you hit the gym, the food breaks down and your body is ready with the energy it requires. You may not always have the time to eat an hour or two before your workout. At such times, 15 minutes prior to starting eat at least a banana or a few nuts. These digest soon enough.

Smoke – to get drained

Before you start picking up those weights, your body needs to have all the energy to be able to lift them. If you have smoked, be sure to see yourself lose breath sooner than usual. The carbon monoxide generously given by a cigarette prevents the lungs from absorbing oxygen.

So, in such a scenario where oxygen is lacking, the body wouldn’t have enough resources to create the food into energy. And then you got to keep going to sit on the gym bench for timeout.

Believe it or not, smoking has proved to make working out sessions dangerous and according to studies can even increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

If you have poor reaction time and focus, smoking will not only make your workout harder but you can perform incorrectly, strain or injure yourself or damage property.

Sign a contract with yourself

Why most people quit workouts is because they feel ‘lazy’ to workout. Challenge yourself by making a commitment that you will surely head for your workout on specified days. Write it out on a piece of paper. See this piece of paper every day.

Isn’t it better to be working out than to be lazing around? At the end of it, you will know it was all worth it. And you will be proud of yourself for living up to your commitment.


Above all, see working out as a hobby. Think of it as your leisure activity. After all, it is helping you look and feel great! It is only when you look forward to it, can it help you move forward on the path of fitness.

About the author: Vani Chugh writes health, fitness and lifestyle posts for e-cigarettereviewed. She is a skilled blogger and has been in this profession for over 6 years.