How To Promote Mitochondria Health

It’s crucial to ensure that every part of your body is functioning well so that you won’t encounter any problems doing your daily activities, whether physical or mental. That’s why, at the very least, you must have regular exercise and a balanced diet since these provide significant benefits to your overall well-being.

One essential factor to consider is your body’s cellular condition, especially mitochondria health. Your organs are made up of cells, each powered by the mitochondrion. It’s this little center of the cell that aids in cellular respiration, which helps your cells absorb nutrients and convert it to energy.

While mitochondria health is primarily determined by genetics, there are steps you can take to make sure that your cells are optimally performing:

1. Eat Right

Doctors and nutritionists have long promoted a balanced diet since it helps maintain physical and mental fitness. It’s the same for mitochondria health. Aside from having vitamin supplements, you must try to get nutrients from organic sources so that your body can function well.

It’s believed that a ketogenic or keto diet can provide immense benefits for the mitochondria because of its focus on consuming healthy fats. Additionally, you also need to reduce your carbohydrates and sugar intake.

You should be particularly cautious with fructose or sugar from fruits since it impairs the conversion of cellular energy. This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating fruits, but you should limit your daily intake to two portions per day and stick to whole produce instead of opting for juices or other processed products.

2. Build Muscle Mass

Having substantial muscle mass requires your cells to generate more energy for burning more calories. It has been found that the harder you put your muscles to work, the higher the demand on your body’s energy production, which is done by the mitochondria. Thus, transforming your fats into muscles through regular exercise. This boosts your cellular health by actually letting them do their job.

Some tips to help you build muscle mass:

  • Focus on Weights – Some people are scared to lift weights and barbells since they don’t want to look like huge bodybuilders. However, this process is necessary for transforming your fats into muscles. It makes you leaner and stronger.
  • Do Compounds – Compounds are exercises that target several muscles at once. Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, overhead presses, and barbell rows are excellent routines to trigger muscle growth.
  • Allow for Recovery – While you should exercise consistently, it’s crucial to remember that you should allocate time for your body to recover as well. Ideally, you should set aside two to three rest days a week.

3. Get Grounding

Grounding, also known as earthing, is the practice of walking barefoot on land or sand to expel extra electrons floating around in your body into Mother Earth. This direct physical contact with nature reportedly alleviates physiological dysfunction and boosts mitochondria health. Learn more about this method at MitoHQ.

4. Avoid Pollutants

Your environment also plays a significant role in your overall well-being. According to research, one of the strategies to improve mitochondrial health is to decrease toxin exposure. This is because the mitochondria have considerable metabolic activity, which makes it susceptible to pollutants coming in the body.

While you don’t really have much control over your surroundings, here are some ways to maintain healthy air inside your home:

  • Avoid Smoking Indoors – Cigarette particles settle on carpets and other fabric even when they no longer emit a smell. This can irritate your nose and throat, which can lead to complications.
  • Opt for Natural Household Cleaners – Household cleaners also emit an overpowering stench that can trigger allergies in your nose, lungs, and skin, which may result in inflammation. Opt for natural versions to minimize the risks you subject yourself to.
  • Use Dehumidifiers – Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air, which combats mold and mildew as well as hinders the growth of dust mites.
  • Install Air Filters – Ventilation is another vital aspect of your home that you should always maintain. Have your HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure that the air in your home is always fresh.


Boost your mitochondria health by eating the right food and avoiding fructose or any form of sugar, since this chemical impairs cellular energy production. You must also build muscle mass to keep your cell’s powerhouses in tip-top shape. Moreover, schedule time to immerse yourself in nature through grounding to let go of electrons that don’t have a place in your body.