How to Reduce Your Anxiety

If you experience anxiety or stress leading up to an important event or just as a factor of your daily life, you are not alone.  Millions of people combat feelings of being overwhelmed almost constantly, and there is no shortage of reason to actually feel concerned at times.  Because modern life revolves around a constant flow of information, there is often a constant flow of anxiety-inducing events that take place which trigger certain feelings or certain anxious reactions.  Feeling a lack of control over an outcome can cause someone to doubt their own preparedness.  Feeling like the future is uncertain is a sure way to become overwhelmed. 

Because so many people struggle with these kinds of feelings, there is no shortage of tips for how to manage anxiety or to calm yourself while in a stressful situation.  Most of these boil down to either cognitive exercises (such as relabeling what’s happening and fact-checking your stream of consciousness) or lifestyle choices such as eating better, avoiding caffeine, and breathing slowly.  While these are all very valid practices that have served to mitigate anxiety in the short-term, they do not often deal with anxiety as a pervasive mindset and do not stimulate growth for the future.

Herbal Supplements as a Method to Reduce Anxiety

If you are instead looking for a simple way to reduce anxiety that will have lasting effects while still avoiding a long list of negative side effects that are prevalent in modern anti-anxiety medication, anxiety help can be as simple as implementing an herbal supplement into your daily routine.  Usually taken right before a stressful situation, anxiety-reducing herbal supplements can both fight the brain’s stress receptors to induce calm and promote long-term adaptability to stressful and overwhelming situations.  

  • Fighting the body’s natural response to a stressful situation comes down to ingredients like Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and L-Theanine, amino acids found naturally in kimchi and tea leaves.  These amino acids target stress receptors in your brain and actually produce a calming effect without leaving you feeling drowsy or lethargic.  Allowing your body to mitigate stress is one of the best ways to prepare for an overly stressful situation.
  • Promoting long-term growth and adaptability to stressful environments is done by ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, an herb known to treat anxiety for centuries.  It is a natural adaptogen, which is a substance that actually builds resistance to stress rather than just mitigating it during an immediate situation.  Ingredients like Rhodiola are essential because they actually break down the body’s stress over time, allowing you to become a more centered individual and giving you the ability to take on even more daunting tasks as you grow.

Anxiety help really can be as simple as implementing a natural supplement into your daily routine.  Instead of preparing for a stressful, overwhelming situation by overthinking it and causing yourself to spiral, give yourself a chance to conquer it by supporting your brain’s natural function.  Taking an herbal supplement is one of the most non-invasive supports you can give yourself as its side effects are limited (if there are any at all), and herbal supplements reduce anxiety while boosting your mood and giving you the best chance to grow in the future.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself in Spite of Anxiety

Anxiety may feel crippling, especially in the moment, but in no way actually limits your potential as a human being.  You are capable of so much more than you think you are; you just have to give yourself a chance to succeed especially when you don’t think you are capable of doing so.  Instead of feeding into it, try combining some more practical cognitive exercise with something like an herbal supplement to reduce the anxiety you feel in any given situation.  Instead of limiting yourself to a version of yourself that invalidates your true potential and forces you to avoid real growth, unlock the future of your own growth by supporting your brain’s natural function.  Anxiety is not a death sentence, and it surely is not a real indication of what you are capable of.    

In Summary

Being present in any given situation can definitely be difficult, especially when you are constantly being drawn away by external factors brought on by an increasingly instantaneous world.  But, you have the potential to incrementally increase your potential and become an ok version of yourself by making simple lifestyle choices.  By implementing something like a mood boosting supplement into your pre-deadline routine, you can enter a stressful situation feeling more confident, less overwhelmed, and can prepare knowing that as you move forward, your body’s natural response to anxiety will become less and less while you grow more and more.  Anxiety help really can be simple, and it can be holistic without a lengthy list of side effects that cause you to feel less capable than you actually are.