The Top Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

You know that water is an essential part of staying healthy and hydrated. 

The truth, though, is that you’re a bit concerned about the toxins and bacteria that could be lurking in the tap water you drink every day. You want to make certain that your water isn’t actually doing more harm than good. 

You’ve thought about making the switch to distilled water, but you’d like to learn more about it. 

Read on to discover some of the biggest benefits of drinking distilled water.

What Makes Distilled Water Different? 

Before we get into the benefits of drinking distilled water, let’s talk about what separates it from what comes out of your tap. 

Distilled water gets boiled to eliminate as many contaminants as possible. Eventually, the water turns into steam, which is then transferred to another container and cooled. It then turns back into a much cleaner water for you to enjoy. 

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The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

So, is it true that distilled water good for you? In short: absolutely. You’ll see all the benefits of hydration offered by “standard” tap or mineral water, with a few extra boosts to your health thrown in. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at why distilled water is such a smart choice. 

Ensures Your Body Processes Minerals

Many people think that we get the minerals we need to stay healthy through drinking water. That’s why there’s a misconception that distilled water “filters out” these healthy minerals. 

The truth is, however, that the majority of vitamins and minerals we need actually come from the foods we eat. The problem is that depending on your diet and other factors, your body can sometimes struggle to process those vitamins and minerals efficiently. 

One of the top benefits of drinking distilled water is that it makes it easier for your body to process the minerals in your food. 

You’re Not at Risk for Water Borne Diseases

The sad truth is that not all water is safe to drink. 

In fact, there are bacteria and parasites in unfiltered drinking water that not only make you feel ill but can also carry dangerous diseases. This includes things like E.coli, Salmonella, and even waterborne pathogens. 

While, yes, the majority of drinking water is safe, the truth is that there are no guarantees. It’s possible for trace amounts of lead and even pharmaceuticals to get into the water we drink. 

To ensure you’re getting a water distiller that filters out bacteria and other parasites, check out this guide on how to make the right choice. 

It’s a Safe Way to Detox

It seems like it’s impossible to pick up any magazine or read a health blog post these days without coming across some mention of a “detox.” 

However, the truth is that starving yourself or eliminating foods from your diet isn’t exactly the safest way to kickstart your health. 

If you want an effective and safe way to detox? 

Give drinking distilled water a try.

Distilled water is actually able to absorb toxins in the body, and then flush them out of your system. This can help you to have more energy, improve the quality of your sleep, and offer you countless other health benefits. It can even clear up your skin!

So, if you are making some changes to your diet or doing a cleanse, we suggest adding distilled water to the mix.

It Mimics Natural Water Purification

What’s another one of the main distilled water health benefits you need to know about? 

When you drink distilled water, you get to enjoy water that’s purified in the safest way possible.

In fact, the purification process of distilled water actually mimics the hydrological cycle. This is the natural water purification cycle. This makes distilled water the purest water in the world. 

It’s even purer than the natural spring water that you’re likely used to drinking.

This is especially the case as, unfortunately, many spring water companies fill their bottles with tap water. Then, they charge you more for water that isn’t any different than what you could get from your own faucet. 

By contrast, distilled water is so safe that many medical professionals, perfumeries, and industrial manufacturers use it in their fields. Plus, you know that you won’t get taken for a ride when you choose to drink distilled water.

It’s Affordable

We know what you’re thinking. With all these health benefits, distilled water has got to be pretty expensive.

The good news? 

The truth is that it’s as affordable as any other kind of water — though if you buy it at the store, you may pay a bit more. 

If you want to make distilled water a part of your everyday routine, we suggest looking into getting a countertop water distiller for your home. 

Want More Ways to Improve Your Health?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand a few of the many benefits of drinking distilled water. 

Remember to aim to drink about eight to ten glasses of distilled water every day to look and feel your best. 

Looking for more ways to boost your health? Want to learn more about natural remedies, how to fight off depression, and even the foods you should eat to improve your immune system? 

When you’re ready to live as a happier, healthier you, rely on our blog to show you how it’s done. We’ll always be here to offer you straightforward, actionable advice on how to stay healthy.