If Your Children Are Feeling Stressed: Have Them Watch Videos of Cute Animals

If you thought videos of cute animals were a waste of time, think again! A study has proven that watching them reduces stress significantly after only 30 minutes. It might not be so surprising that they are so popular online; people are so happy that they just want to share their happiness with others. That is how they get so many views. It works with adults, but it is also a great way to reduce the stress kids go through.

  • The Importance of Reducing Stress

Stress can cause physical problems. During periods of anxiety, kids and adults have difficulty breathing normally, which creates tension in the body and a higher heart rate. It is important to solve that problem rapidly so that other anxiety issues don’t come to aggravate this situation (stiff muscles, headaches, diarrhoea, etc.). The best way to do so, is to visit a site like intermittent-breathing.com where you will learn the breathing techniques you need for the whole family to feel better. Once you have learned them yourself, make it a game with your kids. Teaching is always best while having fun.

  • Cute Animals

A British study conducted with 19 participants has shown that watching videos of cute animals can help reduce stress by 50%. Scientists have seen changes in the mood of the test group after 30 minutes of watching cute animals’ videos. Whether it was a cute kitten looking for its mother or a koala relaxing on a tree, they all had the same calming effect on the participants. But the animal that had the strongest capacity to heal anxiety was the quokka. Part of the marsupial family, this cute furry thing, a bit similar to a squirrel, brought warmth in the heart of everyone, making them forget about stress in their lives.

  • Live or on Video

We already knew that animals can calm us down. That is why so many people enjoy having a pet at home. Whether it is a dog, a cat or any other kind of animal, pet owners always find peace around their furry friend. They are often used in hospices for older people, as they bring happiness to the household.

What we did not know is that even seeing one of these videos could produce a relaxing effect on individuals. That is what the study conducted by the University of Leeds in the UK has shown: Watching happy animals or cute ones, brings sentiments of tenderness inside us and acts upon our anxiety, relieving it slowly but surely, the more we watch them. Thirty minutes later, most people will have forgotten their stress. Especially your little ones!