Important Vaccines You May Miss for Your Children in Utah

With the start of a new school year parents are naturally anxious to see that their children have gotten all of the school-mandated vaccines, and that their booster shots are completely up to date. Children are social beings who interact with one another so closely during the school day that there is every chance that any germ or virus introduced into the pool of kids in a classroom will spread very quickly at any given time. Since the introduction of mandatory vaccines in Utah back in 1998, the average rate of school time lost in grades one through twelve has dropped appreciably. So naturally school, according to Riverton Utah pediatrics, administrators are anxious to see their list of vaccines enforced. Right now that includes vaccines for mumps, measles, whooping cough, polio, rubella, meningitis, chicken pox, and DTP.

But what many parents may not be aware of is that there are other childhood vaccines recommended by local doctors that are not on the required list for school children. Parents should give serious thought to having their children vaccinated for these as well.

Children with weak immune systems should have a flu shot this fall. Doctors recommend this because of the air pollution this year due to the many wildfires across the state. Lung capacity can be compromised in a child if they come down with the flu.

And when children reach the age of twelve doctors recommend getting the HPV vaccine. This is to prevent Human Papillomavirus. If a child decides to become sexually active in their later teenage years, the HPV virus will prevent them catching a host of sexually transmitted diseases. It is a preventive measure all parents should consider.