Is there a Cure for Balding?

While a shaved head can look fantastic, balding can be an entirely different experience. It’s the fact that the choice was taken from you that affects people the most. Thinning or balding hair patterns can also completely change your look. If you have been negatively impacted by thinning hair, then you are likely wondering if there’s a cure or what you can do to stop your hair from falling out for good. 

This guide will help you understand the causes of balding and what you can do to stop or even reverse it. 

What Causes Balding? 

There are many causes of balding. It could be genetic or it could be due to hormonal changes, a medical condition, medication, or even due to stress. Identifying why your hair is falling out is the first step to stopping it. 

To help you understand the cause, it’s important to know the types of hair loss. Thinning hair, a receding hairline, circular bald spots, loosening of hair, and full body hair loss are all symptoms of hair loss. 

If you experience other symptoms on top of hair loss, like scaly skin, it’s important to seek out a medical professional to be properly diagnosed. The same applies if you lose hair due to an anxiety tick (pulling or plucking out your hair). 

Is there a Cure for Balding? 

There isn’t a cure for balding, though there are treatment options. If your hair is falling out due to a specific cause, like stress, hormone imbalance, or even illness, then know that your hair will likely come back. Pregnant women, for example, may lose their hair due to hormonal changes. Once their body stabilizes and their hormones even out, their hair will return. For balding caused by anything other than genetics, know that the best way to stop hair loss is to treat the cause itself. This could be done by changing your hairstyle, redirecting any anxiety ticks that result in hair pulling, changing your medication, or working to balance out your hormones. 

As for baldness not caused by hormones or medication, know that there are treatments. These treatments can stop your hair from thinning and even reverse it outright. 

What Treatments are there for Balding? 

There are two types of treatments for balding: 

Hair transplant 

If you want to get fuller hair or finally get rid of a receding hairline, you’ll need a hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant from Harley Street Hair Clinic can help men and women get fuller hair by taking hair from a donor area (usually the hair near the nape of your neck) and placing it where your hair is thinning or around your hairline. 


The most common type of hair loss medication works to stop your body from converting testosterone into DHT, which has been known to cause male and female-pattern hair loss. This medication can help stop hair loss, and in some cases, patients may even notice their hair growing back. Though your hair may grow back without that DHT in your system, the medication itself does not cause hair growth.