Living – and Cooking – Well: A Tribute to Bob Caputo

The quest for better health and wellness is an admirable goal.

It does not have to be a chore, however.

It must not be yet another tedious task, where the work – the actual exercise – is too conventional to continue, too monotonous to maintain and too plain to pursue.

That rule applies doubly to cooking, as too many recipes and meals elevate nutrition at the expense of taste.

Indeed, the very notion of the standard cookbook – that heavy and voluminous encyclopedia of images and entries, and entrées – requires reinvention: It demands a sense of creativity and illustration, with prose as delectable as the dishes each page profiles; with an overview as enticing as the preparations each chapter highlights; with a theme as compelling as the summaries each section contains.

To achieve that ambition is no easy feat, because it involves the expertise of a wellness professional that can write with the same degree of ease that governs his recipes.

That person does in fact exist: His name is Bob Caputo, host of Bob Caputo Living Well and author of The Bob Caputo Living Well Cookbook.

According to Bob:

“Living well should be just that: Something to experience and enjoy, not a concept to avoid. Translating that philosophy into a robust lifestyle, where there is a clever approach to fitness and food, is my mission.

“I actualize that plan in several ways, from emphasizing the benefits of a new cardiovascular and conditioning program to the experiential element of cooking well; of living well, courtesy of the guests I showcase, the segments I introduce, and the meals – festive and seasonal alike – I share from my cookbook.”

Bob’s combination of substance and style is a rarity, which makes his contribution all the more valuable.

His passion for health and wellness is an inspiration to people of all ages nationwide.

That enthusiasm is what we need – it is what we crave – now more than ever.