Lunges With Dumbbells And A Barbell For Women

Features Of The Exercise And Lunges Muscles Worked

Lunges are not as easy an exercise as you might think. It requires a responsible approach and the right execution technique.

All lunges are aimed at stretching the biceps of the thigh and gluteus maximus muscle. In general, both independently and in a set of exercises, lunges will help girls to work out their ass well and better.

Lunges are deep and long steps, in other words. And there are many varieties of lunges, and their benefits are even greater.

Types of lunges:

  • lunges with a сlose legs position;
  • lunges with a wide legs position;
  • back lunges with crossed legs;
  • lunges with fixation of one leg on the bench.

Let’s start from the very beginning. As you know, lunges for buttocks already include any of the above exercises, and sometimes their whole complex.

Lunge Variations Correct Techniques

In lunges, the main attention and main elaboration is received by the leg, which steps or stands in front. You can make a wide lunge and then the gluteus muscle will be involved and the hip biceps will stretch well. With a closer position of the legs during lunges, the hip biceps are well worked out and even hammered.

Otherwise, with wide lunges, the biceps of the thigh seem to stretch, and with narrow lungs, it feels like it stretches, but in breadth. But this is only such a feeling, because in the first and in the second case the muscles stretch in every way, but especially towards resistance.

Dumbbell and Barbell Lunges Proper Form

With lunges, you can use any weighting agents. The most common are dumbbells and barbell. Lunges with a barbell are more stable, because the load is distributed on the shoulders more evenly than when using dumbbells. But it is worth remembering that it is worth taking the bar in your hands only after you work out without weight and can keep your back even when lowering the body down. If you are afraid for your lower back, then do not neglect the belt. Wear it and feel more confident.

Strangely enough, lunges with dumbbells are a bit more complicated than lunges. All the complexity lies in stability and balance. The main thing is to keep your hands with dumbbells on the same level and not to roll over on one side, because you can damage your back or pinch any other muscles.

What Is The Best Way Of Lunging

Lunges can be done both on the spot and in motion. On the spot, you can lunge in the Smith machine. So you will have a full fixation of the body and an even direction of movement of the body under the barbell. In Smith, you just need to initially put your feet in the position where your back will not bend and curl when squatting in a lunge. Simply put, you should move perpendicular to the floor and not bend your back either forward or back.

You can also do lunges just in place with the barbell or dumbbells, or with them, but in motion. It doesn’t matter whether you choose lunges on the spot or in motion, knowing one secret, you can get more benefit from the exercises.

Note for girls: When lunging forward, place the foot of the front foot with the toe turned inward. Squatting on this leg in a lunge, you better work out the buttocks.

Another great way to improve the result of your lunges is at every step, to lift the hind leg up, thereby clamping the gluteal muscles of the leg for a couple of seconds, which stretches less, namely the hind leg. So you will work out both legs and buttocks well.

Curtsy Lunge: Features And Proper Form

Another interesting variety of lunges is lunges back or reverse. This variety is very used by girls. Especially many fitness trainers recommend this particular type of lunges with a crossed leg back movement. As if diagonally stepping back. They know a lot. Therefore, we simply trust them and try to complete this exercise.

These lunges are made in place and represent a wide step back with one foot diagonally from its original position, and then returning to its original position and the same second foot. Here you will feel well the lateral thigh of the standing front leg.

Bulgarian Lunge And Squats With A Fixed Leg

Lunges a leg on a bench are called Bulgarian lunges. Their difference from classic lunges is that one leg is on a bench, and the second is on the floor and receives basic training when squatting on it.

This exercise is not suitable for beginners, as it requires stronger concentration and stability when performing. The difficulty is not to lose balance, not to fall sideways and forward, while crouching on a standing leg on the floor and almost touching the floor with your knee. The second leg should remain motionless on a hill, lying on the foot.

In Bulgarian lunges, the entire emphasis is on working out the muscles of the leg standing on the floor, while the second serves more as a balance and a stable support. You should choose the width of the legs for your own convenience.

When performing any lunges, make sure that the knee does not go forward beyond the foot.

There are also Bulgarian squats. They differ from lunges in that the front leg stands at a distance of no more than 30-35 cm in front of the equally spaced torso. You can also ask: “Is it legal to buy turinabol?” And we are ready to reply: “Yes. But you should use only legit meds suppliers!” That is, the difference in lunges and squats is only in the width of the legs relative to each other.

In the Bulgarian squats you kind of do the most usual squats, but with one leg on the bench. This exercise should be done by well-trained athletes. And first, try to squat without weight in this way. When you understand the technique, you can already take dumbbells or a barbell in your hands.

To summarize

Any lunges must necessarily be included in the complex of exercises of any girl who wants to improve the appearance of her legs and buttocks, to find slim and seductive forms. Lunges can be included in training 2 times a week, provided 3-4 workouts per week.

Develop and add variety to your training process. Then the training will be a pleasure, and from the benefits, you will not be happy at all afterwards.