Preventing Hair Loss: Tips that Make a Real Difference

It’s highly likely that most men will experience some degree of hair loss during their lifetime – it’s even a common issue amongst women. Excess shedding is usually one of the first signs that your scalp might not be 100% happy. In other instances, the hair might start to thin quite rapidly until bald patches start to form. 

If you want to really see how your hairline has changed over the years, take a look at a few past photos of yourself. It’s only natural to jump to the worst-case scenario when you first notice signs of hair loss but know that it’s not always permanent. This common problem can be reversed depending on the cause and the stage of hair loss but you will need a professional to assist you with a diagnosis and treatment. 

First prize is if you could prevent hair loss from becoming a problem at all. 

Easy-to-Implement Hair Loss Tips

  • Identify the Cause

Before you can think about treating hair loss, you need to know what’s causing it in the first place. As mentioned above, hair loss isn’t necessarily permanent. Even though genetics is a primary cause of this issue, stress and hormonal imbalances can also result in excess shedding and balding. Before you start looking into treatments or preventative measures, it might be best to speak to a professional about the causes or even the potential causes of hair loss. Here are a few hair transplant details if you would like to find out more about this treatment option.

  • Rethink Your Diet

If you want your hair to be thick and healthy, you’re going to need to feed it the right vitamins and nutrients. When your diet is lacking in Omega 3, protein and vitamins A, B and C, your hair is going to suffer as a result. Increasing the amount of eggs, chicken, sweet potato and leafy greens that you eat will benefit your health and your hair. 

  • Make a Few Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle choices can also impact the health of your hair. Not getting enough sleep, smoking and drinking can all deprive your hair of oxygen and disrupt its natural growth cycles. Making some healthy adjustments to your lifestyle will certainly give you a healthier head of hair too.

  • Use the Right Products

The products you use to care for and style your hair can also damage the follicles if they contain too many harsh or harmful chemicals. Along with choosing products that are free from ingredients such as alcohol, it’s also important not to overload your hair with styling products. As a final measure, make sure that you are washing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis – a scalp massage can also go a long way. If you do dye or perm your hair, take extra special measures to nourish and protect it in other ways. 

By following a few basic guidelines and seeking the help of the right professional, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy thicker, healthier hair that shines and boosts your confidence.