Psychological Impact of Divorce on the Children

Every year, we see so many couples wanting to break off with each other and end their marriages. Sometimes, the reasons may seem trivial to us but for the couple, this seems to be a very big thing. In fact, the reason for them is so big that they want to discard the other person and move on. If there are children involved, then the divorce gets quite messy and this is the case with not only celebrities but also common people. No matter how hard the couple tries, they are neither able to sort out the difference nor willing to start life anew. Most of the times, it has been observed that either party wants the other to beg and subdue. However, when the other party is unwilling, the divorce proceedings start.

Impact on the children

It is very difficult for a child to see his or her parents’ separating. For a child, the mother is everything because she is nurturing and loving. However, there is an importance of the father as well since he is the one who usually gives them a lot of comfort apart from a reassuring presence as well. Seeing his or her mummy and daddy separating can be a frustrating experience especially when neither party wants to reconcile or even consider the opinions of the child. If you are a parent and concerned about the well being of your child then here is a list of reactions or experiences that the child goes through when his parents go through a divorce.

Feeling insecure

The most important persons in the life of a child are the parents. When there is dissolution of the marriage, the child feels as if his entire world is tearing apart. The two people he loves the most no longer love each other and want to stay separately. It is very difficult for him to choose with whom to go and what to do. It has often been noticed that such children from troubled families tend to be violent in nature or are scared to commit in a relationship later in life.

Divorce is painful

Divorce is painful not only for you but also for the children. They may not let the emotion show on the surface but there is definitely something brewing up in their mind. They tend to have different reactions, which may seem trivial but are definitely different from the routine life. Such minute variation is some that a psychologist can catch and come up with versions as to what is going on in the mind of a person. Some children tend to get violent, while others show signs of stress or anxiety. They refuse to get social, hate going out, do not talk, loss of appetite or even over indulgence staying out as much as possible etc. These are all withdrawal symptoms shown by the child in response to the divorce situation, as they cannot articulate their feeling into a form making an impact out of it.

Views on Matrimony

A separation can influence how a youngster perspectives marriage sometimes to come. Some kids will basically oppose getting hitched themselves sometimes down the road, expecting that they will be like their folks and face a separation one day. Others take the inverse view and get bound seeing someone they will battle for their lives to save regardless of what is going on. In both the cases, the separation of their own folks is a typical drive all through their whole lives, and it’s critical to well-spoken that the circumstances encompassing your separation are not demonstrative of else other possibilities.

Feelings of bitterness

Kids as a rule detest one or both of their guardians after a separation. A tyke may feel that one or both of the folks made the separation and all the damage affections that obliged it. One parent is frequently vilified while the other may like to a paragon of piety. This is typical – however the best way to take care of this issue is with clear correspondence and both the folks consenting to stay positive around the kids. Never speak seriously about their other parent!

Educare is a platform for the children of such troubled homes to concentrate on the positive aspect of a situation rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of the incident. This helps the children to grow into a well-informed individual with a childhood that is no marred by such experiences. The endeavour is to make sure that such incidences are not able to leave a lasting impression on the mind and heart of the children making them emotionally insecure or vulnerable to the outside world.