Scar Solutions for Male Breast Reduction Patients

Since gynecomastia is an invasive procedure, scarring is inevitable. However, there are certain factors that determine how severe or visible the scarring will be.

Over time, scars do heal and are barely visible, so this shouldn’t deter you from undergoing surgery if it means you can feel more confident about your body again.

There is no real way to prevent scar tissue after surgery but there are ways to minimise it. Scar tissue is a normal part of the healing process, which is different for every patient. While some patients will develop normal scars that fade over time, others experience excessive wound healing which can result in raised scars.

Scarring after Male Breast Reduction Surgery – What to Expect

Your scars will always be there. If your surgeon makes an incision around the areola and at the armpit, any scarring will be barely noticeable. The incision that is made along the armpit line is for liposuction purposes. The bottom line is that your scars will always be there but over time, you won’t be able to see much evidence of them at all.

The skills and experience of your surgeon make a difference. Taking the time to find an experienced board-certified surgeon that specialises in male breast reduction will reduce the likelihood of scarring. Experienced surgeons do everything possible to minimise scarring after surgery. From how and where the incision is made to how the skin is sutured, these are all small factors that can make a big difference. These man boobs surgery details will give you more information on the procedure itself.

Collagen production affects the healing process. There is only so much that your surgeon can do to minimise scarring. How your body heals will also play a role. In order for the skin to heal, it produces additional collagen. If too much collagen is produced, it can result in a raised scar, which is naturally more visible. There is no real way to tell whether or not your body will heal in this way unless you already have hypertrophic scars.

Minimising Male Breast Reduction Scars

There are also steps that you can take after surgery to reduce the appearance of scars.

Follow all pre and postoperative instructions. Your surgeon provides you with guidelines for a reason. If you truly want to minimise scarring, following your surgeon’s instructions as carefully as possible.

Ask about scarring gels. There are gels available that help prevent irregular scarring. Speak to your surgeon about the possibility of using a gel after your surgery and how it should be applied. Silicone sheeting is also a great option.

Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of scarring. Laser and radiofrequency treatments are another way to reduce the appearance of scars once the area has completely healed. These treatments help reduce swelling and remove edema, which is what gives scars their firmness. Steroid injections are another option for reducing the size of scars.