Sidestep Influenza: Five Ways to Skip the Winter Flu

Without a doubt, the flu is one of the most contagious viruses in the world. During the flu season, virtually everywhere that you go has been exposed to the virus at some point. The good news is that the flu bug can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions. Here are five ways to avoid the winter flu.

Keep Hand Sanitizer With You at All Times

In just a split-second, your hands could become contaminated with the flu virus. A quick squirt of hand sanitizer will effectively kill any bacterium that remains on your skin. It is a good idea to purchase a small, refillable bottle to keep in your purse or coat pocket.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Numerous studies have indicated that vitamin D can cut the risk of catching the flu in half. By boosting the serum levels of vitamin D in the blood, your body will be able to develop a defense barrier against the flu. Although the best way to obtain vitamin D is through sun exposure, you may need to take vitamin D supplements when sufficient sunlight is unavailable.

Visit the Doctor

Far too many people go through the entire year without visiting the doctor even once. An experienced doctor will be able to thoroughly analyze your current physical condition. In some instances, the doctor may provide certain recommendations to improve your overall health. A physician in Winter Haven, for instance, will also be able to administer the flu vaccine before leaving the office.

Drink a Minimum Amount of Alcohol

Having an occasional alcoholic beverage will not harm your body. On the other hand, consuming multiple servings of alcohol will dramatically compromise your immune system. Partying hard is never the best approach to take when trying to prevent the flu. The old myth that a strong shot of liquor will clear up flu symptoms is a complete misconception.

Take a Vacation

While being stressed out does not cause the flu virus, it certainly increases your risk of catching it. If mental and physical stress is beginning to plague you, take a vacation to a relaxing atmosphere. Take the necessary time out to get your life in order. Visiting a spa on a regular basis is also a great way to keep your stress level to a minimum.

Although the flu virus causes a great number of people to get sick, these tips will help to maintain a strong defense barrier.