Staying Healthy During The Cold And Flu Winter Season

It is again that time of the year, when we once again become vulnerable to viral and bacterial attacks. Contrary to what people wish for themselves, you cannot stay 100% healthy if you contract the flu, or catch a cold. Viruses are infamous for being virtually unstoppable when it comes to destroying our DNA and thus the integrity of our cells. Only the immune system can take care of these foreign invaders, as well as some mindfulness when being around other people.

Boost Your Immune System

It is not only advisable that you should boost your immune system, it is actually mandatory if you don’t want to become weak and catch a nasty infection. The immune system is a complicated internal security mechanism that every living creature on this planet has. It acts on many levels, but its primary objective always stays the same – destroy foreign bodies. When a virus enters the blood-stream, it is directly confronted by the so-called white blood cells. They are relentless soldiers whose only mission is to bind to a foreign body and destroy it by releasing a special corrosive enzyme to break down the structure of the invading organism. The more white cells you have circulating trough your system, the less viruses/bacteria will find their way to your cells. Inf order for you to do that, you need to pump all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids into your blood-stream. These are essential building blocks that are necessary to accommodate a large armada of white blood cells. The less nutrients you get, th less resources the body has available for strengthening its defenses. So eat plenty of green vegetables; chicken soup; fruit etc.


Prevent Contraction

The immune system wont have to deal with anything like the flu or the common cold, if you hadn’t contracted a virus in the first place. Most bacteria and viruses are transmitted directly from one host to another. This can be done either by targeting your airways or directly enter your body via your skin, your mouth, eyes, wounds etc. Shaking hands without gloves can be the first, and only, thing necessary for catching a nasty germ. Many people know this, but yet almost no one is taking any measure to prevent getting sick! Don’t be around people that cough or sneeze, especially if they look sick. If someone coughs near you, stand up and go as far away from that person as possible!

Dress Warmly

Everyone knows that dressing warmly will prevent you from getting sick. Well that is not exactly the truth. Being warm doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get sick, but what it does mean is that you body won’t have to spend extra energy in keeping you warm – thus focusing all of its attention in combating malicious air-borne predators. You should also know which are the part of the body which need warmth the most. Your feet for example must be warmed at all times! If you feel that your feet are getting cold, this means that your body is having trouble maintaining proper circulation in your limbs. This is the first sign that something is wrong and you should warm yourself immediately! Also wearing a scarf will prevent air-borne parasites from landing in you mouth.