Stretches and Exercises to Support Bone and Joint Health

Getting older can really take a toll on bones and joints. The cartilage in joints wears down over time causing pain and arthritis. Bones lose mass and density causing conditions such as osteoporosis and frailty.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your bones and joints from the effects of aging. Eating right and exercising will keep your frame fit and healthy.

This article will look at the stretches and exercises you can do to support bone and joint health.

Best Stretches for Bone and Joint Health

Static Stretches

Static stretches are stretches that require you to move to the end of your range of motion and then hold the stretch for 30 to 60 seconds. This increases tissue flexibility.

The head bend is a static stretch that is designed to stretch your upper back and neck. Here’s how it’s done.

Start with your arm out in front of you. Then bend it up at the elbow and put it behind your head. Use your hand to gently stretch your neck so your head moves towards your right shoulder. Hold and release, then repeat with your right hand.

Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic stretches encourage range or motion by moving the muscles through motions that increase in intensity preparing joints, muscles, and ligaments for action while reducing the risk of injury.

Leg swings are dynamic stretches that flex and extend the leg muscles. To do a leg swing, start by standing an arm’s length from a wall facing away from the wall.

Place your right hand against the wall at shoulder height and shift your weight to your left leg. Then swing your right light leg forward and back up to 12 times trying to lift it a bit higher each time. Then face in the opposite direction and repeat the exercise swinging your left leg with your left hand against the wall.

Supplements Can Help Too

While the right exercises can improve bone and joint health, a good diet is also important. There are several foods that can strengthen bones and increase mobility. Adding the right supplements can also be beneficial.

If you are looking for supplements that support bone and joint health, Pure Encapsulations has products you can trust.

A calcium to your diet is a recommended step when it comes to increasing bone health. Taking the proper amount of calcium will optimize bone mass during adolescence and early adulthood to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Calcium by Pure Encapsulations contains the compound calcium microcrystalline hydroxyapatite which is rich in minerals, proteins and glycosaminoglycans that support bone mineral composition.

Joint Mediator by Pure Encapsulations is designed to support joint health. It suppresses immune mediator activity that could influence cellular activity in the tissues of the body. In doing so, it supports mobility and comfort.

Bone and joint health plays an essential role when it comes to supporting a high quality life as we grow older. The right exercises and a healthy diet will help us maintain strength and mobility in our senior years. What steps will you be taking to stay strong and agile?