Summer Skin And Hair Care

During the summer it’s time to make a change to how you care for your skin and hair. During the winter you might suffer from dry and brittle hair, but summer poses different issues. You spend more time outside in the sun and swimming in pools.

If you want to protect your skin and hair, you need to pay attention to what you’re doing to it. If your skin is itchy, figure out what’s causing the itch. If your hair is dry, consider what made it that way. Here are some tips.

Bug Bites

If your skin is itchy, it could be a bug bite. Some bug bites hurt, some itch, and some still contain a bug biting you (like in the event of a tick bite). When it comes to ticks, remove them with tweezers, pulling straight out at the head.

Mosquito bites generally itch. For some people, they remain tiny itchy bites, for others they can be big, itchy, and painful. There are things you can do to prevent many bug bites, usually with some sort of bug spray. Anti-itch cream can help release itch from these bites (look for something containing antihistamines.


If you’re itchy but didn’t get a bug bite, consider if you recently had a sunburn. Peeling skin can be kind of itchy. However, you want to do what you can to avoid sunburn anyway, because this skin damage from the sun increases your risk of skin cancer.

Using sunscreen is the only way to make sure your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure to reapply when necessary if you’re swimming. If you do get a sunburn you can get lots of relief by cover it with aloe gel. Make sure to buy aloe that doesn’t contain any alcohol (which will dry your skin out more).

Dry, Green Hair

If you’re suffering from dry hair in the summer it could be your poor hair care choices. If you’re spending a lot of time swimming in the chlorine filled pool it is definitely a culprit in your dry hair and your itchy scalp. It could also be giving your hair a green hue (yuck).

Use some hydrating shampoos and continues to help your dry hair and scalp. Try a hot oil treatment too. You can find treatments at the store and salon that will help you with removing that green hue.

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but you want to make sure that you’re enjoying it. If you get a really bad burn you may want to see the doctor. The same goes with any bug bites that cause infection or other issues that don’t seem normal. Both ticks and mosquitoes spread different diseases to humans (so a visit to the doctor will help you be safe instead of sorry).