Tips For Sports Safety In Your Own Backyard

You might think that playing sports at home doesn’t require all of the equipment one would wear out onto the field. However, you’re still playing those same games so you’re still at risk of injuries. Even playing football at home can lead to a concussion.

That’s why it is always important to wear protective gear when you’re playing sports. It’s even more important when you have multiple ages of family members playing. Larger people (like adults) can really hit little people (like smaller children). Here are some body parts you want to consider protecting, no matter where you’re playing.

Protect Your Teeth

Getting your teeth knocked out can be painful and it can cause permanent damage to your mouth. When children get teeth knocked out traumatically it can cause the new ones to grow in crooked. When adults get theirs knocked out they are gone unless they get a fake one to replace it.

That’s why it is important to wear mouth protection when you play sports. Sometimes that means a helmet that covers your mouth, others that mean wearing a mouth guard.

Protect Your Head And Spine

A helmet is also worn to help you protect your spine, not just your head. This is also one of the reasons that football players wear so much padding on their upper bodies. It gives them more cushion when they come into high speed, heavy contact with other players.

There are all sorts of sports that you could get head and spine injuries from, not just football. Getting hit in the head with a baseball or a golf ball isn’t going to feel good. Baseball players can wear plastic caps, but golfers don’t really hit the green with any kind of protection

Protect Your Limbs

Any sport you pay can cause limb injuries. Sliding into home base can break an arm or twist an ankle. Same for other sports where there is jumping or sliding going on.

That’s why wearing things like knee pads, elbow pads, and things with full leg coverings and sleeves can be a smart idea when you want to protect your limbs. Broken bones can take a while to heal and could permanently take you out of the game.

Protect Your Feet

You also want to protect your feet and ankles when you’re playing sports, One way to do that is to always make sure that you are wearing the shoes meant for the particular sport you’re playing. Just like there’s a reason for running shoes, there’s also a reason for gold shoes and baseball shows.

You may also want to invest in some compression gear. These items work to help prevent strains and sprains. You can get compression socks, compression sleeves for legs and arms, and even compression shorts and shirts.