Zen Ways to Relax

The world is filled with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. It can seem difficult to find ways to feel Zen and relaxed, according to Helen Lee Schifter. However, in the practice of Zen, there are a multitude of ways that relaxation can happen. First, finding a space to meditate is very critical. Mediation can help positivity and tranquility flow through the body. 

By self-reflecting, humming, and stretching while one mediates, the body can release tension. Inhaling and exhaling are very important as well. Holding one’s breath from three to five seconds can stop a panic attack. Meditation is key for those who have high anxiety levels and get overwhelmed easily. Next, finding a spot outside, in nature, is very helpful for Zen practices. When one connects the body to nature, it’s easier to calm down. Helen Lee Schifter recommends finding a soft, quiet, and personal place. That way, if one were to become anxious again, returning to a place full of peace can ease and relax. Being Zen is almost like an art form and takes years to perfect. However, the results are spectacular and life-altering.